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Weekly round-up: Kubernetes flaw, Flutter Hummingbird, Linkerd 2.1 & more

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we had a couple of new releases and the unfortunate discovery of a critical Kubernetes flaw. Let’s have a quick look.

Honorable mentions

Linkerd gets a makeover with a fancy new UI in version 2.1
It is time for a major makeover for Linkerd and it comes in the form of a fancy new UI in the newly-released 2.1 version. But that is not all! This release is stuffed with a bunch of new features and important updates.
Critical Kubernetes flaw allows any user to access administrative controls
Kubernetes has finally hit the worst milestone: their first major security flaw. This vulnerability allows any user to escalate their administrative privileges and attack any container running on the same pod. Even worse, there’s no simple way to tell if you’ve been affected.

JDK 12 patrol

Last week we had all eyes on Shenandoah since it made its big debut and was targeted to JDK 12 (JEP 189). Three more JEPs were also targeted to JDK 12, namely JEP 334, 344, and 346. Check out all the latest updates in our thread here.

On the road to Angular v8

It’s time to leave Angular v7 behind. Now that v7.1 is here, it’s time to look towards the future, which, in our case, is Angular v8. We still have some months left but we look forward to embarking on a new journey. Case in point: the second beta for Angular v7.2 has arrived.

Follow our thread here to keep track of all the updates.

HashiCorp Vault hits 1.0

HashiCorp Vault 1.0 is here, which means the company currently has four projects that have reached 1.0. Vaultis a tool to manage secrets and protect sensitive data for any infrastructure and application.

The latest release is a major milestone; since it introduces significant new functionality, the company is offering general upgrade instructions, as well as a Vault 1.0-specific upgrade page. Check out our overview of this release here.

New project Hummingbird and Flutter 1.0 are here

Even in its beta version, Flutter has gathered a lot of attention since it offers some impressive features like hot-reload and its fast visual feedback. But now that Flutter 1.0 is officially here, what’s the next logical step of evolution? Bringing these impressive features to the web, of course, so you can run the same code in the browser, not only on your phone.

Last week at Flutter Live, the team announced both the release of Flutter 1.0 as well as their new project, Hummingbird, a prototype of building Flutter for the web. Take a closer look at the specifics here.

Kubernetes 1.13 arrives

As the year is wrapping up, so do the releases for one of the most dominant container orchestration platforms out there.

Kubernetes 1.13 is live and it’s the fourth and final release for 2018. It comes with three major updates and several noteworthy features graduating to beta versions. Take a closer look here.

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