The wait is over

HashiCorp Consul hits 1.0

HashiCorp Consul 1.0 is here! It’s been three years since the initial release and now the tool “has hit a threshold of broad usage, feature richness, and operational maturity,” according to the official announcement.

Get it before it’s gone

DevOpsCon: Exclusive Special ends October 19

Come and see: DevOpsCon will take place in Munich from November 20th – 23rd. Get your tickets now to the conference for continuous delivery, microservices, Docker, cloud computing, lean business, and more. Save up to € 375 and get a free Raspberry Pi if you buy your tickets now!

Developers rejoice

Eclipse Oxygen.1a is out — with support for Java 9 and JUnit 5

Oxygen.1a update release is now available for download. The most noteworthy things available in the Oxygen.1a are definitely the Java 9 and JUnit 5 support. If you want to know more about the IDE improvements, you’re in luck: Holger Voormann has created a video to help you navigate easily through all the changes.

Interview with Docker Captain Kendrick Coleman

“Docker doesn’t want to be replaced as the container runtime of choice”

How to get started in Docker? What issues do you experience when working with Docker? What is your favorite tip when using Docker? We talked with Kendrick Coleman, Docker Captain and Developer Advocate for {code} by Dell EMC about his experience with Docker and its disruptive nature. We actually asked a whole bunch of Docker Captains to share their Docker stories so stay tuned for more.

Interview with ACI Worldwide's Lu Zurawski & Mark A. Ranta

Are Open APIs changing the game? “Open banking APIs will not kill commercial APIs”

You might already be familiar with open APIs —there are obviously both benefits and drawbacks but this interview is not about them. We talked with ACI Worldwide’s Lu Zurawski & Mark A. Ranta about standardized Open API governance frameworks, open banking APIs vs. commercial APIs, the transformative nature of open APIs and more.

Part five of five

Testing your frontend code: Visual testing

How do you start testing your apps? In part five of five, Gil Tayar concludes his series on frontend testing for beginners. In this final post, Tayar goes over visual testing and why it’s the last step in testing frontend code.