An analysis of some corner-case performance issues with Meltdown patches

Meltdown, Spectre and Linux on AWS: Security vs. performance

The Meltdown and Spectre story continues. Even though Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) response shows that they’ve already patched and protected their infrastructure you still have work to do. AWS’ Shared Responsibility Model means that you are responsible for patching the operating system running on your EC2 instances, and this is where things get … complicated.

Open source mapping

Geospatial starts with geometry

How can open source mapping improve location technologies? In this article, Jody Garnett goes over a cornerstone of the open source geospatial toolkit, JTS 1.15. The JTS topology suite brings spatial data types, spatial relationships, and spatial operations for processing geometries to the Eclipse Foundation.

Best features

A peek into React: 5 reasons why I love it

React quickly gained popularity among developers thanks to its long list of features and an extensive application pool. We have a look at this library’s development so far and its best features.

Better containerized JVMs in JDK 10

There is a significant amount of work going into JDK10 to support containerized JVMs. In this post, Oracle’s Matthew Gilliard will show how the next release of the JDK will be container-aware.

And so it begins

On the road to Angular 6: Beta season opened!

Angular 6 should be released in 2-3 months. As we’re getting closer to the great finale, we start to see bits and pieces of what is shaping up to be a great version. The beta season for Angular 6 is now opened.

No turning back

EE4J will not inherit the Java EE name

Oracle’s Will Lyons has responded to the Java EE Guardians’ open letter asking the company to allow the use of “Java EE” and “javax” packages for EE4J. Although Oracle will not allow the new platform to retain the Java EE name, they seem to have agreed to one of the requests.

Interview with Erkan Yanar

“Kubernetes will become lingua franca in 2018”

“The momentum behind containers and Kubernetes shows no signs of slowing,” Alex Polvi wrote on the CoreOS blog two months ago. He’s not the only one who believes that Kubernetes will become one of this year’s biggest buzzwords. In the following interview, Erkan Yanar shares his 2018 predictions for containers.