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The value of coding

National Coding Week 2021 – A view from the experts

We spoke to the experts Kara Sprague, Sean Farrington, James McLeod, Andrea Nagel, Matthew Strawbridge, David Huntley, Ursula Morgenstern, and Geoff Smith about National Coding Week. What is the current value of coding in today’s tech landscape? How do we open up digital skills to all?

Creating a security mindset

Baking Security into DevOps: Tips for Enablement

To create a security mindset within the engineering organization, security teams must enable engineering teams with the tools that suit their workflow. This article will explore how to bake security into the agile and DevOps way of working and what steps and practices to consider.

Combat threats

Why Do Companies Need Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Solutions?

Phishing emails carrying sophisticated malware undetectable by standard antiviruses more and more often serve as the main infection vector for data breaches and various cyber-scams. Protection against such threats requires a more advanced solution — a system for detecting attacks on endpoints, aka EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response). This article reveals how EDR identifies sophisticated attacks and whether it is worth installing it yourself or choosing EDR-as-a-service.