One new feature for Angular

On the road to Angular v8: Three bug fixes in Beta 13

Angular 8 is still in beta. Shortly after Beta 12 the next update has been released: Angular 8.0.0-beta.13 fixes three bugs. One of them is relevant for everyone who wants to work with the current version of TypeScript.

Just finding the right flow

Git secrets unveiled: Branching models and workflows for SCM systems

Source control management systems (SCM) are a part of the standard equipment of a software developer. Despite their daily usage, there are still many helpful techniques that are largely unknown. There are quite a lot of SCM tools [1]. This article refers to the freely available, distributed SCM tool Git that has a very high relevance due to its widespread use. And with only a few adaptations many of the here presented practises can also be applied to other solutions as well, for example, subversion.

Jabe Bloom's session from DevOpsCon 2018

Whole Work: Sociotechnicity & DevOps

In the DevOps community today, we hear a lot about sociotechnical systems. However, if we want to take an approach based on sociotechnical theory, we also need to think about the sociological framework. In his session at DevOpsCon 2018, Jabe Bloom shows how this can look like and what needs to be considered.

Settings management with Dynaconf

Dynaconf: Dynamic settings configuration for Python apps

Dynaconf is a dynamic configuration for Python applications. With it, you can set one canonical settings module to use for all instances. Users can also change their dynamic parameters without having to deploy their application. This settings config tool for Python offers extensions for both Flask and Django.

Updating Rust

Rust 1.34.0 stable adds alternative cargo registries and more

The developer love for Rust is strong – this is the fourth year in a row that it polled as the number one most loved programming language in the StackOverflow developer survey. Now, the latest stable release of Rust is here. Rust 1.34.0 adds a few new features, including alternative cargo registries, and severeal deprecations.

Awaiting Scala 2.13

Scala 2.13 release candidate offers up new language refinements

Scala lang combines object-oriented programming and functional programming into one high-level language. Now, Scala v2.13 is almost here. The first 2.13 release candidate is out and available for your perusal. Scala 2.13.0-RC1 adds collection changes, improved JDK 12 compatibility, compiler changes, and much more.

In case you missed it

Weekly round-up: C++ popularity, reactive programming, NetBeans update & more

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, we released the latest issue of JAX Mag: Putting the spotlight on Java tools, ushered in an update from Apache NetBeans, discussed the rise of C++popularity, learned about reactive programming, and more.

Watch Ambreen Sheikh's DevOpsCon 2018 session

KISS it: Good architecture and design for Continuous Delivery pipelines

The architecture of continuous delivery pipelines is becoming more complicated and complex every day. The purpose of Ambreen Sheikh’s talk is to motivate teams to take a moment and reflect on their Continuous Delivery pipeline architecture for the sole purpose of improvement and encourage them to KISS “Keep it simple, (maybe not stupid)” their continuous delivery architecture all the way.