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#AndroidWorks: Does it though?

Europe hits Google with €4.3bn Android antitrust fine: Witch hunt or fair sentence?

That’s a lot of dough! The European Commission has slapped Google with a record €4.3 billion fine over antitrust issues with Android phones. The tech giant has 90 days to put an end to its illegal conduct or face penalty payments of up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Who will take the crown?

The empty Python throne: Will there be a new BDFL?

It’s been a week since Guido van Rossum took a permanent vacation from his role as Python BDFL. What’s been happening in the community since then and what does the future of governance hold? We take a look at the discussion and see what suggestions are being discussed.

You need to think differently about monitoring traditional and modern applications, containers and infrastructure

Monitoring serverless computing for modern business applications

Following on from containers, serverless computing is the next wave management in application deployment and software delivery. In this article, Colin Fernandes of Sumo Logic explains why investing in operational and security analytics solutions that understand serverless is a worthwhile step to being successful with serverless.

Alive and well

Is JavaScript still relevant?

The question of JavaScript’s continued relevance, having first appeared in 1995, finds an answer in its continued popularity, its ease of access, and of course adaptability as a programming language. In this article, Shusetsu Toda explains why JavaScript is alive and well and what role it has in blockchain’s journey into the mainstream.

Watch Peter Lawrey's JAX London 2017 session

Scaling blockchain systems: The real challenge

As the demand for blockchain has been increasing non-stop since its conception, what is the number one challenge to overcome in order to continue ripping the benefits of the technology? In this talk, Peter Lawrey explains why scalability of blockchain is the number one obstacle related to the technology and he proposes ways to overcome it.

Fix-It IoT

4 obstacles to IoT adoption & how to fix them

Given the possibilities of IoT and the enthusiasm of its proponents, one would imagine people lining up to get their hands on the latest IoT devices. Unfortunately, that is not (yet!) the case. So what’s stopping people from adopting technology that promises to make life so much easier for everyone? Here are a few thoughts and solutions.

Transfers take a lot of time

Jakarta EE challenges

What are the current and future challenges of Jakarta EE? In this article, Dmitry Kornilov explains why making sure everything transfers over to the Eclipse Foundation is taking a lot longer than you’d think.

Houston, we have achieved modules

Go modules will land in Go 1.11

Go 1.11 is expected to be released in August 2018 and guess what? It will add experimental support for a new concept called “modules.” Let’s take a look and see what this means for Go developers.