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Which technology will bloom in 2019? – Some early predictions

I know, I know – 2018 is not over yet! But I feel like it’s a good time to take a step back and look at some of the most trending technologies we saw in 2018, talk a bit about their status and what questions are raised about their prospects. And of course, since we are in a general voting mood (see US midterm elections), we have a poll at the end of the article where you can tell us about your predictions for 2019.

What happens *after* Oracle relinquishes their leadership

Now’s the time to get involved with JDK 8u

“OpenJDK is the future of Java,” Rich Sharples told us earlier this week. So if this is the case (and we think it is!), you should get involved with OpenJDK as soon as possible. And if you’re interested in the continuation of JDK 8 after Oracle relinquishes their leadership, now’s the time to have a say in the development of JDK 8u.

Save money by getting rid of wasted space

How much memory is my application wasting?

Back in the old days of floppy disks and dial up, we had to be very conscious of our memory usage. In these days of cloud storage and terabyte storage, not so much. However, Ram Lakshmanan explains how you can trim the wasted space from your applications and ensure that your apps are efficient as possible

Innovative language features for Java - Part 2

Manifold: The reinvention of code generators

This is the second part in a series of articles covering Manifold, a unique, open source technology you can use in any Java project to enable cutting-edge language features such as type-safe metaprogramming, extension methods, templating, and structural typing. In this segment, Scott McKinney discusses Extension Classes, an innovative feature that enables you to supplement a class with your own methods, interfaces, and other features.

Video interview with lx-chel Ruiz | JAX London 2018

Debunking testing misunderstandings: “Testing code is even more important than producing code”

There are a bunch of misunderstandings in testing, starting with the fact that we never fully understand why we should test code and what is the idea of testing. Software testing is not only necessary; it is one of the foundations of this industry. We caught up with lx-chel Ruiz at JAX London 2018 to debunk some of the testing myths and to talk about the many tools that exist and when they should be used.

Time for some enhancements

JDK 12 patrol: Microbenchmark Suite targeted to JDK 12

The tech world is moving fast and we’re in for the ride! The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. Today we have only but a small updated with Microbenchmark Suite becoming targeted to JDK 12.

Machine learning at its finest

Facebook’s Getafix is a clever tool that learns how to fix bugs automatically

Facebook is on a roll! The company recently announced that they would soon release some internal tools and they did not disappoint. The latest tool to be open sourced is Getafix, which learns from engineers’ past code fixes to recommend bug fixes. Getafix aims to let computers take care of the routine work under the watchful eye of a human. Let’s take a closer look.

Interview with Rich Sharples, Senior Director of Product Management for Middleware at Red Hat

Recent changes and what’s next for Java: “OpenJDK is the future of Java”

The confusion over the rights to use Oracle JDK vs Oracle’s OpenJDK builds vs OpenJDK builds from other providers has been hovering over us for quite some time but now that the confusion has been untangled, it’s time to focus on the things that drive Java’s future; one such example is OpenJDK. We talked to Red Hat’s Rich Sharples about Java’s future and the company’s role in all this.

A next-gen web-based diagramming framework

Eclipse Sprotty: Diagrams in the web

Instead of using a cross-compiler or existing framework, why not try Eclipse Spotty for your web-based diagramming framework needs? In this article, Jan Köhnlein introduces this new Eclipse project and explores how developers can add modern diagrams to their web apps with minimal effort.