Interview with Sagi Rodin, Frontegg

“We are in the early stages of a huge shift away from building SaaS product capabilities in-house”

We spoke with Sagi Rodin from Frontegg about the challenges that SaaS companies face with ever increasing security threats and rising expectations from customers for greater control, freedom and independence. Sagi also talks about how utilizing easily integrated, full stack product capabilities can help solve this by allowing startups to keep focused on their core product, and launch faster with a more mature offering.

Security versus convenience

Please stop sharing your private keys

The battle between security and convenience is a trade-off that users, system administrators, security professionals and CISOs have to make every day. This is a particularly big problem for software developers and DevOps teams who commonly opt for the convenient solution of sharing private keys between one another.

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The value of coding

National Coding Week 2021 – A view from the experts

We spoke to the experts Kara Sprague, Sean Farrington, James McLeod, Andrea Nagel, Matthew Strawbridge, David Huntley, Ursula Morgenstern, and Geoff Smith about National Coding Week. What is the current value of coding in today’s tech landscape? How do we open up digital skills to all?