Interview with Jana Petkanic | Blockchain Technology Conference 2018

When looking to dive into Ethereum, the first important step is to broaden the scope *beyond* Ethereum

When it comes to blockchain, opinions regarding its journey to the mainstream are divided. However, for developers, this is not necessarily the most important aspect of this technology. We caught up with Jana Petkanic at the Blockchain Technology Conference and talked about Ethereum, blockchain misconceptions, and what developers should keep in mind before diving into Ethereum.

Interview with Matt Ellis, Director of Product Manager and Head of Open Source at TIBCO

Flogo enables developers to build microservices or functions with a browser-based flow designer

Project Flogo is a Flow-based process engine written in Go. As the project continues to mature, it has expanded to simplifying the notion of event-driven apps by providing multiple action implementations for various event processing techniques. We talked to Matt Ellis, Director of Product Manager and Head of Open Source at TIBCO about project Flogo, its future, why developers should use it and more.

CDI should make Jakarta EE lightweight and internally consistent

Jakarta EE community voices: CDI is the future

When asked, the Jakarta EE community certainly has lots to say. As David Blevins, a member of the Jakarta EE working group, explains, most community leaders plan big things for CDI.

Interview with Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit

“For blockchain technology to be useful, it must be enabled by APIs first “

All technology needs a voice, in a figurative sense, and that voice is an API. To package your technology as a product, you need to build an API for it. In the same way, blockchain needs to be packaged with an API in order to be a product. We talked to Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit about blockchain’s need for strong APIs, how the API economy is set to revolutionize blockchain and more.

Interview with Stanislav Sivak | DevOpsCon 2018

Despite risks and side effects: “Open source will become even more important in the future”

The use of open source software and components continues to grow both in companies and in private projects. But this trend comes with its own set of risks and problems. In an interview at DevOpsCon in Munich, Stanislav Sivak, software and security consultant at Synopsys, talks about the common risks for open source, how to avoid them and what role open source plays in the DevOps universe.