Security should not be taken lightly

Open Source security lifecycle: It takes almost 3 years to publicly disclose library vulnerabilities

We’ve already dissected Snyk’s State of Software Security Report and we’ve pointed out that about 75% of application code is made up of open source components. What we still haven’t covered is the lifecycle of an open source security vulnerability and the steps that play an essential role in the overall state of security. Let’s proceed.

Keep this in mind

Why in-memory computing is the future of computing

How can you ensure that your applications will be fast, scalable, and have enough processing power? Instead of constantly upgrading your hardware, Nikita Ivanov has a different idea: in-memory computing.

Business as usual

Angular 5 is here — Next in line 5.1.0-beta.1

Version 5.0.0 of Angular, pentagonal-donut is here! This major release contains an abundance of new features and bugfixes; its aim is to continue the Angular team’s focus on making it smaller, faster, and easier to use. But even though we’re still in awe of the release, it’s business as usual for the Angular team. Case in point: 5.1.0-beta.1 is here.

Are you ready for it?

DevOps for IoT: Getting ready for the next phase

IoT is a game-changer. But how can we ensure that its speed and efficiency will be utilized properly? In this article, Mukund Krishna explains why DevOps is the natural solution and will ensure a successful IoT adoption.

Interview with Graham Charters and Katherine Stanley

“Think of Eclipse MicroProfile as two things: The project and the technology set”

A lot has happened lately in the Eclipse MicroProfile world: they revamped the logo, released 1.2 and welcomed Oracle to its community. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Graham Charters and Katherine Stanley at JAX London 2017 to talk about the benefits Java EE brings to a microservices architecture, Java EE 8 and the future of both EE4J and Eclipse MicroProfile.

Upgrades are an absolute breeze

Elasticsearch 6.0 is here

Elasticsearch 6.0 is here! The team knows that doing a full cluster restart when upgrading to a new major version is not something users look forward to so they’ve created a new upgrade experience for migrating applications to new versions. Let’s take a closer look at the 6.0 release.

Interview with Eduard Gurinovich, CEO of mytime

New blockchain platform mytime wants to convert time into cryptocurrency

How do you feel about turning time into cryptocurrency? mytime, a new blockchain platform aims to turn time into a measurable value and give an efficient tool to businesses and users. How can businesses benefit by purchasing time directly from users? We invited Eduard Gurinovich, CEO of mytime to answer all these questions and more.

Docker Captains series continues with Vincent De Smet

“It is crucial for Docker to be the industry-wide accepted standard”

Docker is revolutionizing IT — you’re probably hearing this phrase quite often. Still, these questions linger: If we were to look beyond the hype, what’s so disruptive about Docker technology? What are the differences between Docker and a virtual machine? What is hype and where does the real added value lie? We talked with Vincent De Smet about all this and more.