Key insights and benefits

Modern Data Warehouse Benefits Outweigh the Financial Cost

No matter the industry, size of the organization, technology involved, or data savviness, our clients always ask us the same question: how do the benefits of a data warehouse justify the cost? Learn about the main benefits of a data warehouse and how it will help you remain competitive.

Transforming disorganized logging streams

Advantages and challenges of using Kafka for logging

Kafka has become a go-to platform for organizations to move their data between infrastructure and tools to analyze and audit their networks for log streaming. While it has many advantages, it can also present several challenges, such as scalability and bottlenecks that can limit system effectiveness.

Popular traffic analyzers for Microsoft Windows

Pentest Insights: Choosing a Tool for Traffic Analysis and Interception

Sniffers feature a good deal of differences, and each of them is better suited for its specific purposes. Plenty of sniffers were created for various operating systems. In addition, such software can be installed on a router and examine all traffic passing through it. This article discusses popular traffic analyzers for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Time-to-Market on a Global Scale

It’s Time to Add Centralized Compilation to Enterprise IT Self-Service

With the ongoing evolution of self-service IT, along with the maturity of the infrastructure supporting it, we’re seeing more and more companies taking the next step. These are companies leveraging the self-service IT paradigm to add another mission-critical resource to the self-service portfolio: compilation.

Two different processes, hand-in-hand

Authentication vs Authorization | What is the Difference?

Authentication and authorization are two different processes that go hand-in-hand. Authentication happens first, and then authentication actually grants you access to a certain resource after it is verified whether or not you have the correct authentication credentials.

Watch Adam Wright's DevOpsCon session about PostgreSQL in a cloud native world

Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s

Adam Wright, Senior Product Manager at EnterpriseDB is always excited to share how you can use Postgres alongside data-driven apps born in the cloud. In his DevOpsCon session “Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s”, Adam will show you some core features and how to integrate PostgreSQL into Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform workloads.

Is Early Retirement Feasible?

Addressing the Retirement Question as a Programmer

What should you be taking into account when looking at retirement from a programming career? Just because programmers choose to move away from full-time software engineering work, does this necessarily equate to full retirement? How can you stay in the game occasionally?

Achieving a bug free software factory

Accelerated code quality is the key to software’s new industrial revolution

The industrialization of the software industry might enable them to build code with less resources, but success can only be achieved if developers can figure out how to write code efficiently without sacrificing code quality in the process. Thanks to the power of early accelerated testing, Ponicode is able to increase developers’ productivity while also improving the quality of their code.