17 years of Git

Decentralized Beginnings, Centralized Systems: The Future of Git

Git is celebrating its 17th anniversary. The technology is at the core of DevOps, with 85% of DevOps professionals relying on it, but there’s more to Git than meets the eye, and devs are missing out on its decentralized work capabilities. In this article, Brendan O’Leary takes a look at the road ahead.

All about Guardrails

Apache Cassandra 4.1 Features: Guardrails Framework

Andrés de la Peña, Apache Cassandra committer and software engineer at DataStax, will walk you through a new feature in Apache Cassandra 4.1: the Guardrails Framework. The new framework allows disabling certain features, disallowing some specific values, and defining soft and hard limits to certain database magnitudes.

The digital transformation journey

Time to Modernize Ops

Digital transformation is not simply a linear path. It is a journey made of many smaller journeys. In this article, Lori MacVittie, Principle Technical Evangelist, Office of the CTO at F5, takes a look at research from the annual State of Application Strategy Report and digital transformation.

Interview with Piyush Sharma

“Dev, Ops, and security need to work together to address risk”

It’s common for deployment speed to come before security in code, however this can lead to vulnerabilities and even cybersecurity attacks. We spoke with Piyush Sharma about how infrastructure as code (IaC) can help protect the supply chain and why development, operations, and security all need to align their priorities.

Practical steps

API Security: logic-based threats and how to combat them

APIs bring tremendous value to businesses in every sector. API traffic is growing exponentially at 30% year-on-year. However, the security model for APIs is problematic. What are the issues facing CISOs trying to secure their APIs? In this article, you will learn about the current issues and how to tackle them.

Profile: Dawn Glamm, senior vice president of engineering and operations, NS1

Women in Tech: “Don’t hesitate to show what you know”

Four years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Dawn Glamm, senior vice president of engineering and operations, at NS1.

Improving the security of the continuous integration pipeline

Scanning and securing pipelines

Security checks must not feel like a drag on engineering velocity. A lack of communication between the engineers and developers is often a cause of delay to vulnerabilities being discovered, and unclear responsibilities and can affect the morale of engineers who may feel unable to understand and fix problems in their own code.

How zero-trust security principles can help your IT organization scale Kubernetes with confidence

Zero-Trust: Examining Security Practices for Kubernetes

In this article, we’ll explore how users can secure Kubernetes by discussing the four essential pillars for secure access to K8s, go over how zero-trust principles can be applied to Kubernetes, and look at best practices to create and maintain end-to-end zero-trust K8s environments across data centers, public clouds, and even the edge.

Achieve flawless documentation

6 Process Documentation Mistakes Developers Should Avoid

Many people assume that documentation is merely a formality, but it is a way to simplify conducting day-to-day business activities. When developers make the following mistakes in the process documentation, it can result in an unorganized workplace. Here’s how to avoid them all.