Interview with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen

Deep Learning: It’s time to democratize technology

Deep learning is probably one of the hottest topics in the field of software development at the moment. We spoke with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen, both giving an introduction into deep learning at JAX 2018, about such future prospects.

This will be the new stable release line

Node.js 10 is here!

Node.js 10 is here! We take a look at all the changes it has in store for developers, including increased stability, cryptographic support, and other performance improvements!

Next stop: Public Review Ballot

Java 11: Public Review Specification is out

Java 10 was released less than a month ago but thanks to the new six-month cadence, all we can think of right now is Java 11. Speaking of the next Java version, Public Review Specification is out — you’ve got until May 7 to download it.

Take a look at 26 key Java 9 features

What’s brewing in Java 9?

Big changes are going on with the Java platform. In this excerpt from Mastering Java 9, Dr. Edward Lavieri and Peter Verhas go over 26 key changes to Java 9 features you need to know.

Interview with Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation

“By tying Jakarta EE to cloud-native and microservices, we have an opportunity to make the technology relevant to today’s cloud-first world”

A lot is going on in the Jakarta EE universe at the moment: there’s a new website, new logo and a new (cloud-native) future. JAXenter editor Dominik Mohilo talked with Mike Milinkovich, the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation about Jakarta EE’s goals and roadmap and got a sneak peek into this technology’s new life.

Interview with Paolo Tasca, Director at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London

Overledger aims to open blockchain’s “borders” and facilitate development of multi-chain applications

Enabling cross-chain communications is just like opening borders to allow international trade. Overledger ensures that companies and developers have the flexibility to easily migrate to another technology when required. We talked with Paolo Tasca about the first blockchain operating system that facilitates the development of multi-chain applications and the value it brings to the blockchain technology.

Jakarta EE Community Survey: Results are in

Jakarta EE takes the cloud-native Java path

The results of the Jakarta EE community survey revealed that cloud-native development is a top requirement in the platform’s evolution, alongside the need for a faster pace of innovation on the Jakarta EE platform. Users’ wish has been granted! The Eclipse Foundation unveiled the new open source governance model and a “cloud-native Java” path for Jakarta EE.

Building domain-specific languages with Xtext and Xtend

What are domain-specific languages and why should you care to build one? Hendrik Bünder explains more about the domain specific language framework Eclipse Xtext and how DSL models can be processed efficiently using Eclipse Xtend.