Make it rain

DevOps is flourishing: New survey reports median salary of $90,000

IT/Ops professionals are some of the best paid in the field. Things move fast, with new technology to constantly learn and keep up with. While there is no secret code to earning more, there are some trends between the top earners. What do these DevOps specialists have in common and what should you focus on to move up the ladder?

The missing protocol is ...

The Internet of Things: A technology in desperate need of a protocol

What is the missing protocol that will prove an essential companion to the internet of things and the data economy that comes with it? Blockchain, sort of. In this article, Henri Pihkala discusses the demand for a real-time data economy and what’s needed to support the secure transport, storage and monetisation that the new data economy demands.

Intro to snake charming

Are you a Python newbie? Meet the IDE for beginners

Are you learning Python? Whether you are taking a course or learning on your own, Thonny is an IDE for beginners that comes built-in with some tools to make your lessons easier. They should know, it was developed by a University!

PostgreSQL has the potential to eat a large chunk of the database management market

Perspective on the release of PostgreSQL 11

If software is eating the world, then PostgreSQL has the potential to eat a large chunk of the database management market.  In this article, Dave Page, Chief Architect Tools and Vice President at EnterpriseDB summarises the theme for PostgreSQL 11 and explains why it is increasingly attractive to a wide range of customers.

Watch that pocket gopher Go

Meet zygomys — An embedded scripting language for Go


Time for some cuteness to brighten up your Monday. This time we have a dialect of LISP that is designed as an embedded extension language for Go. Meet zynomys, the pocket gopher that will help you drive your program with minimal fuss and maximum convenience.

Where are we going?

What’s next for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE?

Eclipse MicroProfile is dynamic and growing, while Jakarta EE is expanding into all new kinds of territory with its move to the Eclipse Foundation. Are they ready to be merged? How can we integrate the two technologies?Today, we take a look at where MicroProfile and Jakarta EE are going with Kevin Sutter.

This is where thread dumps come in handy

How to identify critical code path

If multiple threads execute the same code execution path, that code path becomes your critical path. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains why it’s important to identify critical code path, how to do it and offers a few best practices.

Understanding the return on investment of a hybrid cloud strategy

How to quantify your hybrid cloud strategy

While it’s relatively easy to understand that hybrid configurations allow enterprises to lower expenses while taking advantage of the scale and flexibility that access to a cloud platform provides, a deeper understanding of how workloads affect other variables is vital in determining and optimizing Hybrid Cloud Return on Investment (ROI). In this article, Scott Sanders explains why it’s important to understand the Hybrid Cloud Return on Investment (ROI).