Use the right language for the right job

Avail: Articulate programming on the JVM

Looking for a language suitable for solving complex software programming problems? Avail boasts a statically typed programming language meant to elucidate difficult problems in clear expressions.

Interview with Christine O’Dell at JAX DevOps 2018

Why developers should support their own features in production

Development of a feature doesn’t stop at deployment. Your involvement continues for the lifetime of the product. We caught up with Christine O’Dell of Contino at JAX DevOps 2018 to talk about life after deployment, the downsides of being on-call and what’s the best way to handle these issues.

An overview of different kinds of recommendation technologies

Recommender systems in the Internet of Things

IoT envisions an infrastructure where different kinds of devices can be interconnected. Here’s an overview of different kinds of recommendation technologies and how these can be applied in IoT-related scenarios.

Watch Lorenzo Nicora' JAX London 2017 session

Scaling Event Sourcing for the IoT and mobile

In this session, Lorenzo Nicora shares with us experiences, errors and successes from real-world projects with Event Sourcing and offers a fresh point of view on how to deal with issues when working on IoT and mobile applications.

Two major functions of Blockchain technology aid cybersecurity

How is blockchain technology revamping cybersecurity?

Technically speaking, Blockchain has revolutionized the cybersecurity process and has considerably made it harder for cyber terrorists to tamper with critical data. In this article, Maria Thomas explores two major functions of Blockchain technology that aid cybersecurity.