More automation and support for developers

GitLab 10.6: CI/CD for GitHub, increased Kubernetes support

The paint has barely dried on GitLab’s last release, but that hasn’t stopped them. GitLab 10.6 comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, including all-new CI/CD support for GitHub and increase Kubernetes support for containerization.

Interview with Alfred Shaffir, co-founder at iOlite Foundation

“The currently unrivaled programming language for smart contracts is Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain”

iOlite Foundation recently introduced a smart human-machine translator to convert code back and forth between blockchain virtual machine code and various interfaces. In short, it’s now easier to create smart contracts on the blockchain; plus, you don’t need to learn a specific programming language. We talked with Alfred Shaffir, co-founder at iOlite Foundation about all this and more.

Fly high with this Eclipse cloud development platform

Eclipse Dirigible

Eclipse Dirigible is an open source cloud development platform, providing the right toolset to build, run, and operate business applications in the cloud. In this article, Yordan Pavlov goes over how developers can build and run applications in enterprise JavaScript.

Examining the results of the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer survey

Ethics education among developers: Is it adequate?

In the year 2018, in the age of automation and Artificial Intelligence projects, the talk about ethical implications of programming becomes more relevant than ever. Do developers have an adequate understanding of the ethical considerations of their work?

Interview with Stephen McNamara, head of blockchain R&D strategy at Huawei

Hyperledger Caliper: A benchmark tool which allows users to measure blockchain performance

Performance measurement is very important and blockchain implementations are no exception. Although performance is on everyone’s minds, there’s not a commonly accepted blockchain benchmarking tool. This is where Hyperledger Caliper comes into play. We talked with Stephen McNamara, head of blockchain R&D strategy at Huawei and lead maintainer on the Hyperledger Caliper project about this tool and why blockchain users should give it a try.

First release in the new six-month cycle

Java 10 is here!

Java SE 10 (JDK 10) is here but that’s not the only reason to celebrate: this is also the first release in Oracle’s new six-month cycle. Let’s have a look at the highlights.

A quick overview

The road ahead for Node.js

Why is Node.js gaining fans? According to Saini, Gupta, and Gupta, it’s not just the speed and performance that set it apart from other platforms, but the community support and enthusiasm that makes it shine.