JetBrains hard at work

Kotlin 1.4 will arrive in 2020: How will it improve multiplatform?

Kotlin is enjoying its moment in the sun as it grows in the Android dev ecosystem. But what does the future hold? Recently, JetBrains discussed the future of the language and what we can expect in Kotlin 1.4 and beyond. As the annual KotlinConf wraps up, let’s look towards the future and see what improvements we can expect to arrive and what its current goals are.

Perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand

The downsides of perfectionism in software development

Is perfectionism holding you back? As a part of the modern workforce, developers, more often than not, have to switch between tasks or work on multiple projects simultaneously. Taking into account the high demand of the industry, it is understandable, why multitasking is needed to piece the project together in time for the release date.

The latest PyCharm version has arrived

PyCharm 2019.3 offers support for Python 3.8 and more interactivity

JetBrains has released PyCharm 2019.3. The latest version of the Python IDE lets you use interactive widgets for Jupyter Notebooks—if you are using the Professional Edition. For paid and free versions alike, support for additional Python language features has been added. Let’s see what all has changed.

Setting up Jakarta mail

Tutorial: How to send emails from your Java app

Did you know that your Java app can be integrated with any available SMTP server to send emails? This tutorial goes over how to send emails via your Java app, from setting it up, to building messages, to sending them with Gmail SMTP. Jakarta Mail (previously called Java Mail) can send and receive HTML emails, even with attachments and images.

Watch Vadim Markovtsev's ML Conference session

Mining software development history: Approaches and challenges

This talk from the Machine Learning Conference gives a fun history of mining examples and presents some of the available tooling. Some of the topics we’ll be going over include embeddings, dynamic time warping, seriation, and HDBSCAN. Watch Vadim Markovtsev’s ML Conference session and come away knowing more about software development.

The Python framework gets an upgrade

Django 3.0 begins its async-capable journey with ASGI

Django version 3.0 is the newest long-term support (LTS) version. This open source Python framework was developed for fast web development tasks, with fully scalable architecture. It now begins its journey towards async-capable Django. Take a look at what the 3.0 milestone includes, what features were added and removed, and what Django has to offer Python developers.

That's why Kublr built it into their platform from day ONE

True reliability requires self-healing nodes and infrastructure management

Even the best Kubernetes management solution cannot save you from bad infrastructure provisioning. You can’t achieve true self-healing applications if you don’t have a self-healing infrastructure. Find out what self-healing Kubernetes can and cannot do and how Kublr provides fully self-healing clusters, including master and worker nodes.