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NativeScript v6.0 adds AndroidX support and fast patch delivery

NativeScript hits a new milestone with the release of version 6.0. This update includes new features, including support for the AndroidX library, dark theme, font icon support, and more. View the latest changes and find out how to migrate your NativeScript apps over to the latest stable release.

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."

Programming with MS Paint? MS Paint IDE is mad science

Many artists have pushed MS Paint to new limits, creating impressive art with the relatively basic program. But what about programming? Yes, even programming! With the MS Paint IDE you can even code with Paint. MS Paint IDE has a new v3.0.0 release that adds Google Assistant support and more.

Hot off the press

New JAX Mag issue: Exploring the IoT universe

We’ve prepared a double dose of goodness for you with this special double issue! We’ve dedicated one half to talking about the IoT universe’s growth and dominance, and the other half to JAX London, bringing together features from experts innovating in the fields of Java, microservices, continuous delivery and DevOps.

The new journey begins

Road to Angular v9: 8.2.0-next.2 brings bug fixes aplenty

Now that Angular v8 is here, it’s time to embark on a new journey: towards the next release! It’s never too soon to look forward to the future, and we are already watching for Angular v9. What’s new? Version 8.2.0-next.2 and 8.1.2 brings a host of new bug fixes for a smoother Angular experience. Take a look at the changes.

Let's build a payment processor with Akka Typed

Tour of Akka Typed: Protocols and Behaviors

Manuel Bernhardt starts a new series about Akka Typed, the new Akka Actor API that brings significant advantages over the classic one. This first entry gets started by easing into the topic to show us a little bit of what it’s capable of. He talks about how to build a payment processor making the most of Akka Typed.

It's been a long time coming

Jakarta EE 8 gets a release date

It’s been almost two years since it was announced that Java EE would be moving to the Eclipse Foundation with a new name: Jakarta EE. And now, at last, we have an expected release date for the first version under the Eclipse Foundation’s banner, Jakarta EE 8. And what else is happening in the world of Enterprise Java? Let’s find out.

Interview with Martin Klaus, Senior Director of Red Hat Cloud Platforms

OpenShift 4 interview: “Operators are a very powerful construct”

Red Hat recently released container platform OpenShift 4. We caught up with Martin Klaus, Senior Director Red Hat Cloud Platforms, and asked what’s new in the latest version of the enterprise Kubernetes platform and how it differs from other solutions. We also asked about other OpenShift projects like OpenShift Online, and OpenShift Origin.

Project Skara was just the beginning

Java goes Git: Proposal to migrate OpenJDK

Project Skara’s goal in July last year was to look into the viable SCM alternatives to Mercurial. It looks like Git is to be OpenJDK’s new home, at least following JEP 357’s proposal. Let’s take a closer at look at what’s going on.

Interview with Lee Atchison, Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic

“Expect serverless to become more mainstream”

Serverless is a hotly discussed topic right now, and it seems to mean different things to different people. We caught up with Lee Atchison, Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic to discuss what serverless means to him, how it’s changing the way applications are developed and what implications serverless could have for infrastructure in the future.

Early bird special ends July 18

Blockchain Technology Conference: Explore dApps, smart contracts & more

The Blockchain Technology Conference takes place in Berlin from November 11 – 13. Over twenty-five international speakers from different sectors will encourage learning with three days of sessions, keynotes, and talks. Learn about blockchain technology, smart contracts, dApps and more. The early bird special is nearing its end; see what offers are in store for early registrants.

Latest stable release

Linkerd v2.4.0 improves performance & adds traffic splitting functionality

The latest release of Linkerd adds some new features, including a new traffic splitting API. Stable version 2.4.0 also adds support for the Kubernetes Service Mesh Interface, fixes a number of bugs and issues, and improves performance. Linkerd also recently received high praise for its security after an eighteen-day long security audit.