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Top 5 IDEs and text editors for Kotlin

Our IDE series continues with Kotlin! This pragmatic language for the JVM has a number of options for developers, which might explain why it’s on the rise. Today, we take a look at some of our favorite IDEs and text editors.

Interview with Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO of npm

npm operations incident autopsy: Use two-factor authentication to protect yourself

Last Thursday, someone gained access to an npm publisher’s account and used it to publish an unauthorized update of a popular package which contained malicious code. “What the code did was attempt to steal additional login tokens for npm from these other users, by sending them to a remote server,” Laurie Voss explained. “This, if successful, would have allowed them to hijack other packages and compromise more users.” Learn more about the incident here.

Getting the 101 on GitHub

A developer’s introduction to GitHub

GitHub is a website where millions of developers gather every day to collaborate on open source software. It’s also the place that hosts billions of lines of code, and also a place where users of software go to report issues they might have. Learn all the most important pieces of GitHub that you should know as a developer with this how-to from Flavio Copes.

The Spring Boot of the EE world?

App construction with Apache Meecrowave

Apache Meecrowave is a MicroProfile server and Apache project that can be described as the “Spring Boot of the EE world”, except one that only uses Apache software. Sven Ruppert goes over what developers need to know about this customizable server and how it works so well with Vaadin.

In case you missed it

Weekly round-up: Tons of npm news, Angular v6.1.0 & more

Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week was certainly busy for the popular package manager, npm, with two major announcements coming back to back! But that’s not all! We had Angular v6.1.0 news, IntelliJ IDEA 2018 progress report and many more!

Interview with Tim Mackey [VIDEO]

AppSec at the speed of DevOps in the age of open source

In the world of DevOps, traditional application security is no longer enough. How can we improve AppSec? What are the newest security challenges that arise as DevOps becomes more mature? JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Tim Mackey, technical evangelist for Black Duck by Synopsys at DevOpsCon 2018 to talk about all this and more.

Farewell to the BDFL

Python creator steps down

The news is out. Guido van Rossum has stepped down from Python. Why did he leave? And what did he say in his farewell? Amidst speculation, we say a fond farewell to the Python BDFL and wish him luck on his next adventure.

You know the drill

On the road to Angular v7: 6.1.0 rc season kicks off

We’re still excited about the recent Angular v6 release but the show must go on. The current release focuses on the toolchain and on making it easier to move quickly with Angular in the future so we’re excited to see what Angular v7’s “theme” will be. But until then, let’s focus on what we do know – the release candidate season for 6.1.0 has begun.

Avoiding a meltdown

How intent breakdown caused Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre have been causing some scares lately, as tech companies try to keep up with their cybersecurity and fix these vulnerabilities. In this article, Patrick Londa discusses how intent breakdown plays a hand in the game.

The self coding future is closer than you think

Who doesn’t wish we could snap our fingers and have the tough, labor-intensive part of coding be finished? In this article, Daniel Kroening imagines a future where AI codes for us, and we get to do all the fun parts. The self-coding future may not be very far away. Fact or fiction?