General release is closer than it seems

JDK 12 is in Rampdown Phase One

JDK 12 entered Rampdown Phase One which basically means that the lineup is set – JDK 12 is locked in with 8 features (and one still under review). JDK 12 is on track for a general release in March.

Eclipse integration with NoSQL databases

JNoSQL and Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE is settling in nicely at the Eclipse Foundation. In this article, Otávio Gonçalves de Santana explores the latest direction for Jakarta EE: NoSQL databases. Introducing JNoSQL, Jakarta EE’s first integration project for Eclipse and NoSQL databases.


Speedy Rust framework for web apps burns through the sky

If you program in Rust, we recommend trying out Rocket. This speedy open source framework is for writing web applications. The latest release has too many features and improvements to list, while the roadmap towards the future is looking brighter than ever.

Reducing the congestion

Scaling the blockchain – Why side chains are the answer

Zhuling Chen introduces the serious potential of side chains on a blockchain, for reducing the congestion that comes along with a higher volume of users, so that transactions are not slowed down. With this new technological infrastructure, a parallel processing will be easier and allow a higher level of customization of dApps. It is the way to handle a high traffic and speed up the system.

Watch Steffen Behn and Tina Dreimann's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Devs fight your battle! A pledge for cross-functional teams

About a year ago, product companies transformed their structure into a network of fully cross-functional and self-organized teams, strongly inspired by the Spotify model. But why did we take such a drastic step? In this session, Steffen Behn and Tina Dreimann explain everything you need to know.

Interview with Shiven Ramji, VP of Product at DigitalOcean

“Despite Kubernetes’ growing popularity, it is still often challenging for developers to manage manually”

DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes as a Service is now available with production-ready functionality and full customer support. In short, developers of all skill levels can now harness the power of Kubernetes to simplify modern app development. We talked to VP of Product at DigitalOcean about this offering, its features and more.