How to find the thread causing all your CPU troubles

Troubleshooting CPU problems in production for the cloud

How can we solve CPU issues when the application is already in production for the cloud? It’s not like we can fire up Task Manager and see what process is hogging all the CPU. Or can we? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan goes over the three simple steps any developer can follow when trying to diagnose and troubleshoot CPU issues.

Watch Eoin Woods' JAX Finance 2018 session

Building applications on the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain is rapidly becoming the technological darling in the worlds of FinTech and established finance alike. In this session, Eoin Woods gives an overview of blockchain fundamentals as well as how to create an application that uses Java enterprise technology with Ethereum’s blockchain.

A snare that causes more problems than it solves

Falling into the automation honey trap

Automating routine, boring tasks sounds great. Automation promises to rid developers of scutwork and let them focus on the meaty details. However, as Oren Eini explains, this is a snare that causes more problems than it solves.