Upgrading the subatomic Java

Quarkus updates: Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatibility reached

Quarkus has been on our Java radar since its inception, and for a good reason too. A recent update reveals that Quarkus is now compatible with the latest edition of Eclipse MicroProfile. Check in on the latest news and see what’s changed, and what the plans for the future are. Keep an eye out, because the newest edition of Quarkus is on its way and it could arrive any day now.

Detect objects with detecto

Python package Detecto released for simple video object detection

Detecto is neither the name of a new superhero nor a detective novel, but a recently developed Python package for training and running object detection models. Built on top of PyTorch, it is designed to be easy to use—and its developer claims that under ten lines of code are enough to run the trained machine learning models on videos.

Watch Simon Ritter's JAX London session

Keeping up with Java: Look at all these new features!

New Java releases are coming faster than ever, now that we are well into the new six-month release cadence. The number of new features and APIs in each version is less than we’re used to, but the overall rate of change is actually faster than before. See what’s new with Java in this talk by Simon Ritter, CTO of Azul Systems.

Sling yourself to Singapore with an early bird ticket

DevOpsCon Singapore very early bird offer ends January 23

DevOpsCon is an international phenomenon with talks and workshops from thought leaders and specialists in the field. It’s the crucible of DevOps innovation and somewhere you want to be if networking is on your agenda. The very early bird discount for DevOpsCon Singapore ends on January 23rd.

See what’s new in JUnit 5.6

JUnit 5.6 release brings new features for Java unit testing

The latest version of JUnit has arrived. The Java unit testing framework has performance improvements, new features and minor bug fixes on board in v5.6, but breaking changes have been added as well. Let’s take a closer look and see what has changed for JUnit’s three modules.

Code discussion, pull requests, and more

Open source all-in-one DevOps platform: OneDev’s UI is easy to use

Variety is the spice of life, and now there is another DevOps platform to choose from. OneDev is a new, all-in-one, open source Git server with a simple to use UI, customizable issue states and fields, and auto-refreshing issue boards. Browse some of its features and see how it compares to other popular tools. Who knows, maybe OneDev is the platform that you have been searching for.

Watch Taylor Krusen's International JavaScript Conference session

Building an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI

Sit back and watch this informative session from the International JavaScript Conference. By the end of the talk, you will have a better understanding of how to build an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI. This challenging task is made easier with the help of speaker Taylor Krusen, a Developer Evangelist for Dropbox.

Demand and hiring trends

2020 IT skills: what we learned from 213,782 coding tests

The IT job sector is growing and with its growth comes a higher demand for programmers. What skills and programming languages should you focus on? Data from over 213,000 coding tests revealed some IT skills hiring trends to look for in 2020. See what DevSkillers’ data reveals about recent IT trends from 49 different countries.

ML Conference is coming to Singapore

ML Conference Singapore very early bird offer ends January 23

ML Conference gives you the opportunity to learn about the latest machine learning tools and technologies, including TensorFlow 2.0, machine learning in the browser, deep learning and NLP. Seasoned ML experts will share insights on how to understand your data, optimize your models and more. The very early bird discount for ML Conference Singapore ends on January 23, so why not take a look?

Salary figures and hiring trends

JavaScript developers average 2020 salaries hits $114,986 in the US

Any JavaScript developer will tell you that a fair salary leads to better work. Despite this, many devs are underpaid, and so they are jumping from job to job. The tech sector has the highest turnover rate, and losing good employees is costing businesses money. What should you be earning? Check out some of the current hiring trends for JavaScript developers in 2020.