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Weekly round-up: JAXenter survey results, three new JEPs for JDK 11, Eclipse Photon M7 & more

At the beginning of each week, we take a step back and take a look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. It has been another busy week in the tech world with the list for JEPs targeted to JDK 11 getting longer, the release of IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 EAP, the JAXenter survey on frameworks results coming out and much more.

Building your own in-house HTTP service for natural language processing

Machine learning and data sovereignty in the age of GDPR

Do you know where your data is moving? Dr. Alan Nichol and Ricardo Wölker will show you how to build and run your own GDPR-compliant Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service with the open-source Rasa NLU  library. You can query it over HTTP without Python knowledge and it leaves you fully in charge of your data.

Lightweight and reactive

Micronaut: The future of microservices in the JVM

Designed from the ground up for microservices, Micronaut is a framework for lightweight and reactive development on the JVM. In this article, Sergio del Amo and Ralf D. Müller explain how Micronaut’s minimal footprint can help speed up your microservices implementation.

Making your life as a developer easier

New in Eclipse JDT language server

Have you heard about Eclipse JDT Language Server (a.k.a. In this article, Fred Bricon explains all the changes to this open source Java language specific implementation of the Language Server Protocol.

It's coming!

How will GDPR complicate data collection?

The GDPR provides for the privacy of EU citizens regardless of where in the world their data is stored and used, so today’s CDO will need to have the ability to manage data collection, storage, and usage accordingly. Maggie Kimberl explains how this regulation complicates data collection.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Akka trivia?

It’s time for another programming pub quiz! This week, we’re testing your knowledge about Akka. Do you know everything there is to know about this toolkit for building concurrent applications on the JVM?

A threaded organization is a humming machine

The digital thread that binds software development

Each Agile team is a cycling gear; a threaded organization is a humming machine. Implementing a Digital Thread means you will have access and agency over your full process information. Without one in place, your Agile approach is limited to the team level.


It’s time to embrace visual development

Visual development allows you to build and design mobile apps without having to write all of the UI and business logic code from scratch. In this article, Nate Frechette explains why you should treat it as an ally.

It all boils down to GDPR

If it runs on garbage data, your beautiful machine’s going nowhere

As competition around algorithms will remain the most heated battleground for ad tech companies, excellent results all start with the quality of data. The old adage, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ has never been more apt. As it turns out, first-party data is not only the new gold standard for advertising, it’s set to become the legal benchmark too when the GDPR is enforced.

You think you're doing Continuous Integration but you really aren't

The 7 core principles of Continuous Integration

Organizations doing continuous integration correctly are all following a few basic rules. In this article, Brian Dawson, DevOps evangelist at CloudBees presents the 7 core principles of Continuous Integration.