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IDE-friendly functional programming with Keli’s simple syntax

Functional programming has its fans as well as its foes, but everyone knows that it can be difficult. A new experimental programming language called Keli aims to make functional programming more accessible. Its minimal syntax goals aim for easier adoption. Did we mention it’s IDE-friendly?

One of the biggest trends of 2019

Turn DevOps into DevSecOps without sacrificing automation

As DevOps matured within organizations, the process became efficient and fast, but security ended up falling to the wayside. In this article, Gary Stevens explains why security is infiltrating DevOps and how the growth of DevSecOps creates a noticeable drop in the rate of data and security breaches.

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Help Microsoft smooth the Java EE cloud migration path

The Microsoft Engineering Team is trying to understand how Azure can be best improved to become an even more compelling platform for Java EE workloads. Everything you can share on your Java EE journey to the cloud is worth its weight in gold!

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Incoming and outgoing references in Eclipse MAT

Got memory issues? Worried about your heap dump analysis? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains how you can solve memory issues for heap dump analysis with Eclipse MAT by checking your incoming and outgoing references.

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Easier Kubernetes cluster deployment with Kubespray

The love for Kubernetes is real and continues to grow! Do you need help with deployment? Kubespray is an Ansible-based tool that can anyone learn how to deploy production ready clusters. It supports a long list of cloud providers as well as popular Linux distributions.

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What does SocketInputStream.socketRead0() API in Java do?

What does SocketInputStream.socketRead0() API do? Why is it showing up frequently in several thread dumps? Is it something that you need to be concerned about? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan offers some answers to these Java questions.