Java not the center of the (now-defunct) JavaOne universe anymore

Oracle Code One: The new and improved JavaOne?!

Another day another Oracle-related news. JavaOne is gone but fear not — it has been replaced by Oracle Code One, a conference for *all* developers. This means that Java is no longer the center of the now-defunct JavaOne universe anymore.

Interview with John Carione, Quick Base

Why developers should care about no-code tools

Developers aren’t who no-code tools are specifically designed for, but we’re seeing more developers advocate for their use within companies. We talked with John Carione of Quick Base about the benefits of no-code tools, shadow IT and more.

You can use whatever language you think is most productive to solve the task at hand

Meet GraalVM, Oracle’s polyglot virtual machine

Oracle’s GraalVM aims to remove the isolation between programming languages and enable interoperability in a shared runtime. The tech giant sees GraalVM as a language-level virtualization layer which allows leveraging tools and embeddings across all languages.

Tips & tricks

Everything you need to know about Vue.js

Although Vue.js creates compelling user interfaces efficiently and easily, it’s not growing fast enough. That should change. In this article, Kayla Matthews explains why we should be paying more attention to this progressive JavaScript framework.

It supports multi-Linux and Windows, multi-cloud and orchestration choice

Docker EE 2.0 is here: No lock-in, more security

Docker EE 2.0 is here! It aims to give users flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, orchestrators used, and where it’s deployed. Let’s have a look at some of the key new capabilities of Docker EE 2.0.