Interview with Yuval Herzog, Co-Founder and Technology Head, Tide Foundation

“Human beings are cybersecurity’s weakest link”

What is “Cyber Herd Immunity” and “blind secret processing”? How does a decentralized system prevent vulnerabilities? We spoke with Yuval Herzog, Co-Founder and Technology Head at the Tide Foundation about security-centric solutions, PRISM authentication, and more.

Interview with Maurice Ko, VP of Engineering and Ryan Wallace, Lead Software Engineer at Kabam

“Redis enables us to build high-performing, reliable features”

Does Redis really have an uptime of 99.999%? We had a chat with Maurice Ko, VP of Engineering and Ryan Wallace, Lead Software Engineer at Kabam about how Redis has benefited their business, how they use it at their company, and its most beneficial use cases are.

Interview with Avishay Cohen, co-founder and CEO at Anima

“Anima’s goal is to create a continuous design-to-code process”


Avishay Cohen, the co-founder and CEO at Anima, spoke with JAXenter about the collaborative challenges developers and designers often face in product development, and the existing solutions in the market trying to solve these challenges. Avishay dives deep into the technology behind Anima’s design-to-code tool that produces developer-friendly code and what that means. He explains how both teams can work together to create better products and shares Anima’s plans for the future.

Profile: Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of content strategy at O’Reilly

Women in Tech: “I encourage women to know their worth”

Four years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of content strategy at O’Reilly.

PHP Foundation founded: A new future for the language

“The new life of PHP”

The PHP language will have its own foundation. A non-profit association consisting of several companies and individuals has the task of ensuring the quality and future of PHP. To this end, it has begun collecting donations via the Open Collective platform.

Looking at a real-world production problem

AWS CloudWatch + yCrash = Monitoring + RCA

This article goes into an outage the online application GCeasy experienced on October 11, and what the monitoring tool AWS CloudWatch showed. AWS CloudWatch clearly indicated two things: Problem and symptom, and the time frame since the problem started.

Interview with Otavio Santana, one of the JNoSQL project leads

Using NoSQL Databases With Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Otavio Santana, one of the JNoSQL project leads, answered a few questions about the functionality of the Eclipse JNoSQL project – a Java framework that makes it easier to integrate Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications with NoSQL databases. Learn why Java developers should adopt the technology.

Closing the Gap Between Continuous Deployment & Entitlement Management

Cloud Native Software Delivery

A significant gap often develops between continuous deployment of applications and accurate entitlement management—particularly as software producers shift to microservices that are delivered in containerized environments. This gap shouldn’t exist. Scott Niemann explains the impact of this gap and how to close it.

Interview with Chris Eng

“Proactive security scanning of code is a must”

We spoke to Chris Eng from Veracode about the UA-Parser-JS NPM Open Source library hack. What happened, what was the outcome, and what are unique open source security concerns? Chris Eng gives advice on how we can boost our open source security practices and avoid malicious code.

Preparing for digital transformations

How to fend off the manual certificate management tsunami

New data from DigiCert’s 2021 State of PKI Automation survey shows what a huge job certificate management can be. The headaches involved in managing such a complex web of certificates are quite understandable. They’re often the cause of security mishaps and sometimes operational paralysis.

Overcoming complexity

Remove System Complexity with The “Impedance Mismatch Test”

Sophisticated systems don’t ensure great performance, but a simple test can tell if your data pipeline is getting too complex. It is very easy to get carried away and build a complex data layer without thinking about the consequences. The IMS score was created to help you be conscious of your decisions.

Get the tools you need

Cloud Computing Skills: 5 Skills You Should Have On Your CV

If you are eyeing up a career in IT, now has never been a more critical time to have several essential cloud computing skills on your CV. If you want to attract the best businesses and forge a career in this sector, it’s time to sharpen up your cloud computing skills.