Setting the standard

Lessons From Jeff Bezos to Developers

From a developer’s perspective, Amazon and its leadership have been trailblazers, shaping best practices for work and culture while laying the foundation for innovative work across industries. What lessons can developers take away and apply to their own work?

Smooth sailing

MicroK8s: Big Things Come in Small Packages

Despite Kubernetes’ soaring popularity, the technology isn’t perfect. To reduce the barriers to entry that developers, DevOps engineers, and others have faced with Kubernetes, also known as K8s, Canonical in late 2018 introduced MicroK8s. Let’s take a look at this valuable tool.

Team spirit for better web design

10 Interesting Ways to Plan Web Design Projects

If you are planning a website, you might also be struggling with ways to make the workflow smooth and make it more fun for the people who are engaged in the project. There are many repetitive tasks that must be done during this kind of project and this can get a little boring after a while.

Java essentials

What Java Programmers Should Learn in 2021

If you are looking to learn Java, you may be wondering where to start. Which technologies should you focus on? Whether you are new to the language, a middle-level learner, or already using Java at work, this article explores the essentials that you need to know.

DevSecOps: Creating promises for integrating security with DevOps

Why Security Needs to Be Integral to DevOps

Through DevSecOps, the traditional security engagement turns into proactive security measures integrated within the software development life cycle (SDLC). Thanks to this evolved approach, both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) approaches facilitate continuous testing and evaluation of the software code all through the development process.