All the newest releases

Quarterly release: Eclipse IDE 2019-09 arrives

Eclipse Foundation’s quarterly simultaneous release for September has arrived right on time, with a new version of the Eclipse IDE. Let’s have a closer look at all the updates it brings and watch Holger Voormann’s latest videos on what new features for Git, Java, and Gradle it includes. Check out what other projects received an update in this release train.

Decentralization is the key

6 ways cryptocurrency and blockchain are changing entrepreneurship

Blockchain technologies only continue to grow as time goes on. With decentralization, it has become easier to share things with others, ensure fraud protection, and make agreements. In this article, find out some of the reasons that adapting to the future means adopting blockchain technologies at the entrepreneurship level.

Watch Bruce Lawson's International PHP Conference keynote

How To Make Loveliness: an HTML treasure hunt

You’re a PHP ninja. You’re a React god. You’re a magician with Sketch. But if your code is assembling HTML to get delivered to a users’ browser, how much do you know about HTML’s semantics? Watch Bruce Lawson’s International PHP Conference keynote to learn more.

Inspiring leadership tips

6 qualities of the best IT project manager

The IT project manager has a lot of responsibility. From task delegation to resource tracking, quality control, and communication, there’s not a spare moment in the day. In order to be a well-rounded leader, you should meet certain standards. These are the top 6 qualities that all IT project managers need to succeed and lead their team to success.

Watch Emma Button's DevOps Conference session

Infrastructure as Code – Lessons learned from Dev to Ops

The craft of software application development has evolved over the past thirty years. Yet, in comparison, Infrastructure as Code development (IaC) is still in its infancy. This talk presents some of the most impactful learning journeys from Emma’s career as an application developer, and how to apply those lessons to accelerate the growth of Infrastructure as Code as a craft in its own right.

Never leave the editor again

VS Code extension for MicroProfile Starter unveiled

Version 0.1 of the VS Code Extension for MicroProfile Starter is now available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace for download. With the new extension, developers do not have to leave their editor. It is a collaboration by MicroShed, a community creating dev tools for Java microservices.

New release for supersonic subatomic Java

Quarkus 0.22.0 launches new user-friendly web interface

Quarkus version 0.22.0 arrived recently, adding a Quarkus Extension for Spring Web API, and a new web interface for easily creating Quarkus applications. See the newest changes and be sure to check out our interview with Alex Soto, Java Champion and Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat about the future of Quarkus.

A curious production problem

TCP: out of memory — consider tuning tcp_mem

Ram Lakshmanan discusses a curious production problem with an application running on multiple AWS EC2 instances behind Elastic Load Balancer. In this article, find out about the error message “TCP: out of memory — consider tuning tcp_mem”, how it was handled, and some concluding advice about memory problems and the ‘dmesg’ command.

Getting familiar with React Native

React Native – A popular framework for building Native apps

React Native is a JavaScript framework for mobile apps based on the React JS platform. It’s used in building popular apps such as Pinterest, Tesla, and Bloomberg News. Some of its features include ease of use and code reusability. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to decide if this framework is right for your work and your app development.

At long last

Java 13 – why text blocks are worth the wait

For a long time, Java developers had to take unattractive detours when formulating multi-line string literals, while enviously switching to Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and other languages. With JEP 355, text blocks are now being previewed in Java 13.