Major milestone alert

Apache Hadoop 3.0 is here

Hadoop is back! The latest version [3.0.0] of the Open Source software framework for reliable, scalable, distributed computing brings a lot of new features, including an early preview (alpha 2) of a major revision of YARN Timeline Service, shell script rewrite and more.

Interview with Vladimir Schreiner, Hazelcast Product Manager

Hazelcast Jet 0.5: “Pipeline API has been intentionally designed as a fluent Java API, instead of something like SQL”

Hazelcast Jet 0.5 was released earlier this month. It includes the first release of Jet’s high-level API, which makes it easy for a developer to set processing parameters and embed Jet directly into an application. We talked with Vladimir Schreiner, Hazelcast Product Manager about the new release, what’s next for Hazelcast Jet and more.

Expect more real action to protect privacy

What’s coming in 2018: Digital privacy and security predictions

Organizations in 2018 will have greater capabilities to decentralize information need, through both blockchain- and non-blockchain-based solutions. In this article, Joe Stuntz, Vice President of Cybersecurity at One World Identity (OWI) gives his digital privacy and security predictions.

Looking back, looking forward

Year in review: Angular in 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s good to stop and take a look at how things have gone over the past twelve months. Today, we’re looking at Angular: what happened this year and what’s next for our favorite framework.

Interview with Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud | DevOpsCon 2017

Token-based authentication in microservices: “You are locking the defenders out of the castle”

Microservices are all the rage now but this doesn’t mean they are a silver bullet. When you go down the microservices path you should expect to encounter several problems. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud to talk about how tokens fit into the microservices ecosystem, when and why it’s better to transform a monolith into microservices and more.