Interview with Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud | DevOpsCon 2017

Token-based authentication in microservices: “You are locking the defenders out of the castle”

Microservices are all the rage now but this doesn’t mean they are a silver bullet. When you go down the microservices path you should expect to encounter several problems. JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Quentin Adam, CEO of Clever Cloud to talk about how tokens fit into the microservices ecosystem, when and why it’s better to transform a monolith into microservices and more.

Efficiency and innnoation boosters or making the lazy lazier?

Developer coding tricks: being lazy or efficient?

One of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times has justified laziness as a source of efficiency. Here we try to identify the positive and negative effects of developer coding tricks. Is the usage of coding tricks a driver of efficiency and innovation or does it promote laziness?

Interview with Guy Podjarny, CEO and co-founder of Snyk

“Release notes are a good place to provide details about a vulnerability, but a poor choice for notifying users about it”

Snyk‘s latest report titled The State of Open Source Security emphasized the importance of the overall security of open source. We’ve previously suggested that you should be mindful about where your code is coming from but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use open source code. We talked with Guy Podjarny, CEO and co-founder of Snyk about all this and more.

Docker Captains interview series continues with Nick Janetakis

“I feel like Docker Swarm needs a bit more work to really be usable in production out of the box”

Docker is revolutionizing IT — you’re probably hearing this phrase quite often. Still, these questions linger: If we were to look beyond the hype, what’s so disruptive about Docker technology? What are the differences between Docker and a virtual machine? What is hype and where does the real added value lie? We talked with Nick Janetakis about all this and more.

Philosophy 101

Why software ethics matter

Software is impacting every area of our lives and will be even more omnipresent in the future. In this article, Boris Baldassari explores how we can be more ethical about it all.

Tips & tricks

Running a successful open source project

Managing an open source project isn’t as easy as it sounds. A successful open source project is more than just making the source code available. In this article, Wayne Beaton and Gunnar Wagenknecht explain how you can make your open source project a runaway success.