Profile: Anastasia Astakhova, Product Manager at Boxmode

Women in Tech: “Empathy is a key”

Three years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Anastasia Astakhova, Product Manager at Boxmode.

What's new in 4.0?

It’s time to upgrade to Cassandra 4.0

Alongside stability, Apache Cassandra 4.0 stands out for its ability to scale operations faster, its new auditing capabilities, and the way it embraces privacy by design. In this article, we’ll cover the new features and walk you through the steps required to upgrade to Cassandra 4.0.

Automate repairs and apply best practices

Reaper: Anti-entropy repair made easy

Reaper is an open source tool written in Java and built with Dropwizard to schedule and orchestrate repairs of Apache Cassandra clusters. It was built to address those issues and make repairs as safe and reliable as possible. Get started, install Reaper and stop worrying about repairs!

Examining the dangers of intelligent machines

Will AGI Be a Friend or Foe?


Some believe that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will wipe out the human race, while others are confident it will lead to a utopian society. Between these extremes, most people anticipate major changes as AGI becomes more prevalent. What are the risks and dangers that will emerge?

Looking ahead around observability

Observability and security – where are the crossover points?

Gartner has predicted more than 75 percent of global organizations will be running containerised applications in production by 2022. With so many more moving parts to look at, developers have to automate how they gather data on their infrastructure components, while security teams have to understand the new models for applications too.

Building trust

Culture is the secret sauce for ethical data management

Data privacy regulations are relatively new and not well understood within an organization. With that context, the way organizations should approach data privacy isn’t only about compliance with regulations; it’s also the right thing to do to build trust with their customers. How do you introduce privacy and trust as part of your culture?