Getting on the bleeding Edge with Eclipse ioFog

Eclipse ioFog: Real world patterns for the edge

Edge computing is poised to become a major tech trend in the future. As the global IT infrastructure transforms, developers will need need new approaches. Farah Papaioannou goes over these new patterns for the Edge and how developers can utilize Eclipse ioFog to remotely deploy secure microservices to Edge computing devices.

"All things seem possible in May"

On the road to Angular v8: Beta.5 pops up

The beta season for Angular v8 began in mid-January and we’re eager to see the final result. The sixth beta is already here but even though Angular v8.0.0 is set for general availability around May, the team put up a warning that the plan is subject to change and a fixed schedule cannot be set.

Plus some dos and don’ts for developers

Does technical debt still matter in DevSecOps?

Despite all the advantages of DevSecOps, challenges like technical debt still remain. In this article, Mike Bursell explains why this isn’t such a bad thing. After all, identifying a problem is half the battle. He also goes into the reasons why technical debt still exists, how it can be useful, and explores some basic do’s and don’ts for developers.

The virtual serverless conference begins TOMORROW

#ServerlessWebinar: Join our February live event

Serverless architectures have taken the tech world by storm! This new trend will surely have an impact on the software industry in 2019. But what exactly is serverless? And how can developers and companies leverage this new technology? These questions (and more!) will be answered by a group of experts Billie Thompson, Christian Weyer and Niko Köbler in our Serverless Webinar TOMORROW.

Shed your skin

Automatically fold Python code in Vim with Coiled Snake

Have you tried automatically folding Python code in Vim? While manually folding code works well, there’s always room for improvement. Coiled Snake is a Vim plug-in for automatically folding code. Say good-bye to clutter and hello to cleaner, more compact code.

Master cloud native architectures at the Serverless Architecture Conference this April!

What exactly is Knative? An introduction with Evan Anderson

What are the benefits of serverless computing? What exactly is Knative and what features are still in development? In this interview, Evan Anderson gives an introduction to the new shiny serverless tooling based on Kubernetes. He also talks about the benefits and the downsides of serverless computing and why it is such a big topic at the moment.

Successful strategies

8 tips to optimizing your continuous testing strategy

Thuc Nguyen, Associate Product Manager at LogiGear, has the tips and tricks you need for better continuous testing. Find out the challenges to achieving effective strategies, key considerations, and how to overcome them. Before you know it, you and your team will streamline test automation.

A simple way of creating containerized applications

Buildah: Build containers fast and easy without Docker

Linux containers are gaining an ever stronger foothold in the IT of modern companies. For this reason, developers need a simple way of creating containerized applications. Buildah makes it easy to build containers without the need for the overhead required by Docker.

Learn more about Go at DevOpsCon in Berlin this June!

Go 1.11: What the new modules in Go are all about

Go packages don’t have versions or dependencies. At least, not yet. With Go 1.11 and its experimental support for versioned Go modules, this is changing. Go 1.11 brings native support for versions and modules in Go as a fixed component to the Go toolchain. The modules are meant to replace community solutions such as dep or glide and create a new uniform solution. But does that really work? Jan Stamer explains.