See Markus Nutz and Thomas Pawlitzki speak at the ML Conference on 5 December 2018 in Berlin!

Too many ideas, too little data – Overcome the cold start problem

The cold start problem affects both startups as well as established companies. Nonetheless, it also provides a great opportunity to collect new data with your customer’s problem in focus. How do you solve the cold start problem and arrive at a useful data pipeline? We talked to ML Conference speakers Markus Nutz and Thomas Pawlitzki about all this and more.

The wonders of decentralized web

Your data is “for sale” – And this is how you get it back

Our presence on the internet is in the form of data. Everything is just data. But who owns this data? How is this data stored? What happens to our data when we agree to “share” it? In this article, Rong Chen discusses the nature of decentralized web and how we can create it.

Bringing Eclipse to the Internet of Things with Tahu

Eclipse Tahu

Sparkplug specification is getting an Eclipse update with Tahu! This project is designed to bring MQTT specifications under the Eclipse umbrella. Here, Wes Johnson explores the scope of Eclipse Tahu, its architecture, and where this interesting project is going in the future.

Watch Sebastian Daschner's JAX 2018 session

7 principles that will boost your developer productivity

In the rapidly changing and evolving tech ecosystem, it is vital that you can add value, increase your development speed, and cut out as many of the cumbersome, boring and repetitive tasks as possible. In this session, Sebastian Daschner shows 7 basic principles that can boost your productivity.

Interview with Pamela Prosperi, team lead for emulators and simulators at Sauce Labs

Finding your “forever” programming language: Is it still possible in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape?

Developers are expected to evolve alongside the rapidly changing technology landscape. So the secret to becoming a better engineer lies in the ability to keep yourself abreast of the latest updates in technologies and languages. We talked to Sauce Labs’ Pamela Prosperi about the languages she uses, her “forever” language and more.

Spoiler alert: It's Ozark spelled backward

MVC implementation lives on: Give a warm welcome to Eclipse Krazo

The reference implementation of MVC 1.0 previously known as Ozark has a new name: Eclipse Krazo. Although the name was originally announced three months ago, the good news is that the creation review for Eclipse Krazo was successful.

Serverless will play a big part in the future of cloud native development

Straight to serverless: Leapfrogging turtles all the way down

Cloud native technologies are no longer bleeding edge buzzwords that we all expect to learn more about in the coming months and years, they are here now and they are here to stay. Oracle’s Jesse Butler takes us on a journey to serverless island!