Errors be gone!

StackOverFlowError: Causes & solutions

Java programmers: don’t let the dreaded StackOverFlowError throw you off course. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explores this common error, what causes it, and how to prevent it from being thrown. Let’s find out its inner mechanics.

Interview with Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer at TIBCO

“Java risks setbacks if it becomes controlled by one or two mega vendors”

The news that tech giant IBM is acquiring Red Hat made waves throughout the industry. We talked to Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer of TIBCO about the impact of the acquisition on the open source ecosystem, the multi-cloud trend and more. Since both IBM and Red Hat are deeply involved in the Java ecosystem, we also discussed what the Java market has to lose if things go south.

Interview series — Part 2

Blockchain glossary: Lesson No.2 – Asking the right questions

Can blockchain transform the world? Before we can answer this question, we need to understand what this technology can and can’t do, what it is and what it isn’t. Therefore, we have to go back to basics and explore the fundamentals in order to eliminate all misconceptions about blockchain. This series is meant to clear the air by answering the most fundamental questions.

Interview with Brian Johnson, co-founder and CEO of DivvyCloud

Cloud sprawl can be avoided with good tagging practices

The cloud has its share of benefits such as greater flexibility, accessibility, and resilience but it also has flaws. We talked to Brian Johnson, co-founder and CEO of DivvyCloud to learn more about the impact of “cloud sprawl” and how to avoid it.

A scenic overlook at the road ahead to Vue 3.0

What’s coming in Vue.js 3.0?

Last week at Vue Toronto, Evan You previewed the upcoming Vue 3.0. Based on the reports, it looks faster, smaller, and easier to maintain than before. We take a look at what’s ready for release, what needs more work, and how we’ll tackle the road ahead to Vue 3.0!

Microservices to the rescue

Microservices and test automation

Can we really bring microservices to QA and test automation? You’d be surprised. In this article, Maxim Chernyak explains how developers can integrate microservices into their automated testing procedures without too much trouble.

WebAssembly 101: Fast, open, and memory-safe

A developer’s introduction to WebAssembly

Are you ready to execute code faster than ever? Discover why WebAssembly is a very important part of the web platform of the future. In this tutorial by Flavio Copes, developers will learn how to use WebAssembly, how to compile their C programs, and how to call a WebAssembly function from JavaScript.