A threaded organization is a humming machine

The digital thread that binds software development

Each Agile team is a cycling gear; a threaded organization is a humming machine. Implementing a Digital Thread means you will have access and agency over your full process information. Without one in place, your Agile approach is limited to the team level.


It’s time to embrace visual development

Visual development allows you to build and design mobile apps without having to write all of the UI and business logic code from scratch. In this article, Nate Frechette explains why you should treat it as an ally.

It all boils down to GDPR

If it runs on garbage data, your beautiful machine’s going nowhere

As competition around algorithms will remain the most heated battleground for ad tech companies, excellent results all start with the quality of data. The old adage, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ has never been more apt. As it turns out, first-party data is not only the new gold standard for advertising, it’s set to become the legal benchmark too when the GDPR is enforced.

You think you're doing Continuous Integration but you really aren't

The 7 core principles of Continuous Integration

Organizations doing continuous integration correctly are all following a few basic rules. In this article, Brian Dawson, DevOps evangelist at CloudBees presents the 7 core principles of Continuous Integration.

Interview with Christoph Henkelmann

Machine Learning algorithms: Working with text data

Deep down ML is a pure numbers game. With very few exceptions, the actual input to an ML Model is always a collection of float values. We talked with Christoph Henkelmann about the way ML algorithms work on words and letters, the difference between image and text and how to handle textual input properly.