Saving code from extinction

Digital obsolescence: Saving software from the march of time

Digital obsolescence isn’t slowing down. Many of the files from yesteryear are lost to time, and we have no way of recovering lost data. However, efforts are being made to preserve retro code and software. Meet some of the teams that are changing how we think about cultural archiving.

Setting up a smart forum app using Google Cloud AI [Tutorial]

Are you ready to use Google Cloud AI? This tutorial is based off a book by Arvind Ravulavaru called Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide. Melisha Dsouza explains how you can utilize the power of Google Cloud AI to set up a project, installi dependencies, go through the code, and run the app.

Plus critical bugfixes

Kotlin 1.3 RC is out: Coroutines graduation getting closer

Another release candidate for Kotlin 1.3 has arrived with critical bugfixes in tow. This release mostly focuses on cleaning up and polishing existing features before the big 1.3 final release! We do, however, have some noteworthy changes. Let’s have a look.

Eclipse 2018-09 IDE improvements [VIDEO]

Eclipse Photon has been a welcome update to the Eclipse universe. But the planets keep spinning and the updates keep coming. This week, Holger Voormann has two new videos about the newest improvements to the Eclipse platform.

Brew a cup of JOE

Java on Everything! JOE gets back to basics with no OS

Java on Everything (JOE) implements an object-oriented design that tosses the entire operating system. What benefits are there to saying sayonara to the OS? This virtualized Java environment has some tricks to make applications more secure and better designed.

Troubleshooting what others cannot

Introducing Arthas, a Java diagnostic tool from heaven

This week has been onwards and upwards for Java! New interesting projects coming from all around. And today shouldn’t be any different! We present you Arthas, a Java diagnostic tool open sourced by the Chinese giant, Alibaba. Let’s take a closer look.