Demand for AR/VR engineers rises 1400%

Top 2020 trends for software engineers: Hired survey insights

Using data from over 400,000 interview requests and surveying 1,600 software engineers, Hired released a report detailing the top trends for software engineers in 2020. They learned that the demand for AR/VR engineering roles is on the rise (with a growth of +1400%) and that software engineers are looking to learn more about machine learning.

The final release of TypeScript 3.8 is here

TypeScript 3.8 adds support for ECMAScript private fields and top-level await

TypeScript 3.8 has arrived two days after the planned release date. It adds some new features including support for ECMAScript private fields, which are currently in the third stage of development, type-only imports and exports, and top-level await. Minor breaking changes have been added in the final release as well.

C# tutorial

How to read and write in Console app in C#

Newcomers to learning the C# programming language might have some questions about how they can read or write to Console app. This tutorial by full-stack developer Vikas lalwani will show you a few examples, some sample code, and some output. By the end you will know a few new methods that will help you out as you continue to learn how to program with C#.

Navigating OpenJDK choices

What to look for in an OpenJDK Distro

Do you really need OpenJDK support? It can be tricky, and even dangerous in the case of enterprise use. When it comes to OpenJDK builds, there are several different options you can turn towards. Find out how much it will cost you, what versions of Java and security fixes are provided, what operating systems are supported, and more facts.

Watch Casie Siekman's DevOps Conference session

How non-violent communication can help keep the peace on your team

Non-violent communication will help you communicate with your coworkers in a manner that enables productivity and helps you understand how their unmet needs might lead to negative interactions. Watch Casie Siekman’s DevOps Conference session and prepare your teams for greater success.

Red Hat's 2020 report

Enterprise open source software is growing within innovative companies

Once commonly thought of as simply for programming hobbyists, now open source is widely used in the enterprise. Red Hat conducted an international survey, interviewing 950 IT leaders about their usage of open source code in their business. The survey revealed that open source is rising in the enterprise, and proprietary software is on the decline.

Latest major release of GraalVM is here

GraalVM 20.0 adds new features for Java, JavaScript, Python & more

GraalVM 20.0.0 has been released. The universal virtual machine supports different programming languages and is designed to run applications faster. V20.0, the latest major version, has new features for Java, JavaScript, LLVM, Python, GraalVM Windows builds and more on board.

Watch Phil Hawksworth's International JavaScript Conference session

Are you being servered? – exploring a serverless web

“JAMstack” is an emerging term which describes an approach to architecting and delivering sites as pre-rendered assets, and where necessary, enhancing them with JavaScript and services via APIs. Explore this approach and the serverless web with Netlify’s Phil Hawksworth, co-author of “Modern Web Development on the JAMstack” (O’Reilly, 2019).

Rock solid programming

Crystal 0.33.0 release: Combining elements of Ruby and C

Taking inspiration from both C and Ruby, Crystal is a programming language that is just starting to get its legs. Crystal compiles to native code, is statically type checked with built-in type inference and uses object-oriented programming concepts. The newest release, version 0.33.0 adds some language changes, standard library changes, and cleans up some issues.

Microservices hurdles

Testing Java microservices applications

Although it is essential, testing Java apps has become more complicated than ever with the increase of DevOps and new development challenges. Thus, testing strategies need to adapt in order to fit the new realities of microservices. Rod Cope, CTO of Perforce Software, examines how to test Java microservices applications and how to overcome some of the hurdles.