Cloud computing interview series: Meet Abby Kearns, Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation

A tour of cloud computing: “It’s very important for technology to be cloud-compatible, if not cloud-native”

Cloud computing is worth exploring; this is what we think but of course, we’re no experts. Therefore, we decided to invite 12 experts to weigh in on the present and future of cloud computing. Our first guest is Abby Kearns, Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. 

Watch Geertjan Wielenga's JAX London 2017 session

Finally, Enterprise JavaScript is easy!

Is enterprise JavaScript really that hard? Or is it really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? Watch Geertjan Wielenga’s JAX London 2017 session and find out all the answers you need.

Interview with Vish Abrams, Architect, Cloud Development at Oracle

GraphPipe makes deploying a machine learning model easy and comfortable

Oracle has just released a new open source tool: GraphPipe is designed to simplify and standardize the deployment of machine learning models. We talked to Vish Abrams, Architect, Cloud Development at Oracle about the new tool, its benefits, challenges and more.

Jakarta EE interview series: Meet Otávio Gonçalves de Santana

Understanding Jakarta EE: “Jakarta EE tools should support Kubernetes”

Confused about what’s going on with Jakarta EE? This interview series is meant to help you navigate through all the changes and understand where it’s headed, as well as how Jakarta EE plans to become the new home of cloud-native Java. Our tenth guest is Otávio Santana, Senior Software Engineer at Tomitribe. Let’s dive deeper into the Jakarta EE universe!

Interview with Rich Pearson, SVP at Upwork

“Go is on track to be the go-to language for blockchain”

Upwork has recently released its Q2 2018 Skills Index and it seems that blockchain continues to lead the way. What does this say about this technology’s journey toward mainstream acceptance? Is demand outpacing the supply of talent? We talked to Rich Pearson, SVP at Upwork, about blockchain’s popularity, its next milestones and the go-to languages for this technology.

How to avoid false starts and get ahead of everyone else

Does your company have a machine learning strategy?

Are you ready for machine learning? Do you have a plan? In this article, Atakan Cetinsoy from BigML goes over six things that every organization needs to be aware of when they’re devising their own machine learning strategy.

Plus poll results

Project Skara: What do the experts have to say?

Last month, the JDK team made a call for discussion in order to investigate a number of options for JDK source code management. But is it time to retire Mercurial in favor of Git? Let’s have a closer look at what the experts had to say on that and what the community’s reaction has been so far.

Darker than dark

Dark theme in Eclipse Photon

You want it darker? Eclipse Photon ships the best support for the dark theme so far! Lars Vogel explains all the new dark theme improvements in the platform as well as how plug-in developers can make sure their contributions work for the dark theme.