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Cloud-Native DevOps

At a high level, Cloud-Native architecture implies adapting to the many new possibilities empowering innovation that paves the way for digital transformation. How did Cloud-Native approaches come to be? Time to take a tour of Cloud-Native DevOps, where it came from, where it is now, and what positives it brings to its users.

Interview with Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid Technologies Ltd.

SysAdmin Appreciation Day: “This is broken. Can you fix it?”

Being a sysadmin can be a thankless task. In honor of System Administrator Appreciation Day, we spoke to CEO of SysAid Sarah Lahav about the relationship between IT and the rest of the company, the problems sysadmins sometimes face, and the outlook for the future. Read on to find out more.

Interview with Damon Edwards, Co-Founder of Rundeck, Inc.

“No one thinks about what comes after the deployment”

We caught up with Damon Edwards, Co-Founder of Rundeck, Inc., and spoke to him about DevOps and the Ops perspective. He explained which modern practices in this part of DevOps could revolutionize the daily work of operators, what Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is, and how serverless will change Ops.

Streaming directly from Munich

Livestream the closing keynote from DevOpsCon 2018!

Couldn’t make it to Munich this year for DevOpsCon? We’re sorry we missed you, but we’ve got you covered with a livestream of this year’s closing keynote speech from Bernd Rederlechner and Boris Folgmann! Tune in to see the keynote live at 14:15 CET.

Agility vs. legacy

DevOps at full throttle: Car manufacturers on the digital fast lane

DevOps is not just something for Silicon Valley enterprises or small start-ups. Even traditional industries like the automobile sector can start using a DevOps approach to make sure they aren’t left behind in the digitalization race. Mark Levy, the Director of Strategy at Micro Focus, shares his insight on the subject.

Data protection for the DevOps era

How do we keep containers secure?

Containers have become a necessary part of modern technology. But what are they and what kinds of security concerns should organizations be aware of? In this article, Rami Sass explores the basics of containers as well as the future of DevSecOps.