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Do you want to know more about SQL? Here are some useful tools

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As it is becoming increasingly important for DevOps specialists to possess SQL knowledge, here is a list that I hope will help you find the right tools and methods to increase your SQL skills.

DevOps engineers are rapidly becoming vitally important for leading organizations. Companies are looking for experts with the right combination of skills (platform use, technical, communication etc.) to help advance their business.

DevOps specialists may not be assigned to write code but they will surely need to understand it and perform integrations such as getting the code “to talk” to the SQL database.

Let’s take SQL for example. Nowadays, every DevOps expert has to know it because he or she will work with SQL databases on a regular basis. Even though you may not be required to know SQL very well, it is clear that your employer will expect you to understand the fundamentals.

So, in order to assist you in enhancing your SQL knowledge, I have gathered a list of nine helpful resources that offer everything you need to know.


1. Guru99

Cost: Free

The first resource on our list offers free tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Those who want to learn SQL can find some useful courses as well. For example, one of the latest is called “SQL Tutorial for Beginners Learn in 7 Days” and it teaches you database design as well as basic to advanced SQL. No previous experience with SQL is required to start the course. Plus, there is no registration to access the materials, just visit the page and click on the first lesson to begin.

2. Essential SQL

Cost: free

This little but incredibly useful website was started by a person named Kris who was passionate about helping people to overcome their fear of learning SQL. You can find a number of SQL courses that will prepare you for SQL certification in various ways. For example, one of the courses is designed to help you pass the Microsoft 70-461 Querying SQL Certification and offers practice exam with quizzes that provide knowledge about concepts you are required to master in order to obtain the certificate.

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3. TreeHouse

Cost: free trial available

TreeHouse is one of the most comprehensive resources for learning SQL — not to mention it is highly recommended. Specifically, it provides courses for people with technical and non-technical background. It also offers you the opportunity to share or ask for advice on SQL through the Community section.

One of the most popular courses right now is SQL Basics which is a 172-minute Databases Course that allows you to take a look at different types of databases and techniques of working with them.


Cost: free

This source has everything you need to make your way through SQL, including various tutorials on how to use it as a developer and database admin. For example, MySQL Tutorial for Developers is designed for web developers looking to learn MySQL fast and increase the efficiency of their work.

5. Vertabelo

Cost: free, paid certifications available

Vertabelo is an online platform which contains interactive SQL courses, including SQL Basic, Operating on Data in SQL, Standard SQL Functions, Creating Tables in SQL, and many more. Each has exercises and code editors that will definitely come in handy. There is a lot of interesting information for both beginner and advanced learners and it carefully explains all concepts.

6. SQL for Web Nerds

Cost: free

Created by the well-known computer science MIT professor Philip Greenspun, this site is essentially a digital book on SQL, written in a conversational tone. It offers a number of different sections including transactions, data modeling, queries and more.

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7. Learn SQL the Hard Way

Cost: $19.99 for professional quality PDF and hours of HD Video.

This source is actually a book written by Zed Shaw, a well-known software developer who created the Mongrel web server for Ruby web applications. In this book, he provides a crash course in the basics of SQL to store, structure and analyze data. In other words, if you need to learn SQL as quickly as possible, this could be a great option.

8. SQLCourse

Cost: free

The name says pretty much everything you need to know: it is an interactive online SQL training course that provides, easy to understand, instructions and online interpreter for practicing new knowledge.

9. SoloLearn

Cost: free

The last item on our list is a popular learning platform that provides a wide range of free courses on programming. Those who want to know more about SQL will also find a lot of useful information; for example, SQL Fundamentals course is perfect for improving database skills.

Useful tools for SQL learners

  • Toggl – track how much time you spend on different projects to improve time management skills and allocate more time for learning.
  • Wolfram Alpha – the first-ever computational knowledge engine that you can use to obtain in-depth knowledge of unfamiliar concepts.
  • Proessaywriting – in addition to writing code, DevOps specialists also need to master business communication to become a critical asset for their company. Learn writing with this tool.

I would recommend that you have a look at all the above-mentioned platforms, have a try at each one of them and find what suits you best. I do hope this list will be proven useful in your journey towards learning, improving or even mastering SQL!


Lucy Benton

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