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Migration completed: The Apache Software Foundation relies entirely on GitHub

Dominik Mohilo

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The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced that it has fully migrated its projects to GitHub. We talked to Bryan Clark, Director Of Product for Open Source at GitHub, about the benefits of the move and how it came about.

JAXenter: The Apache Software Foundation has migrated its entire code base to GitHub. How did this happen?

An increasing number of projects wanted to see their source code available on GitHub.

Bryan Clark: Apache projects initially had two version control services available via ASF Infrastructure: Apache Subversion and Git. Through the years, an increasing number of projects and their communities wanted to see their source code available on GitHub. As these were read-only mirrors, the ability to use GitHub’s tools around those repositories was limited.

Over time, the Apache team improved, debugged, and solidified this integration. In late 2018, they asked all projects to move away from their internal git service, to that provided by GitHub.

JAXenter: What are the benefits of the cooperation between GitHub and the ASF?

Bryan Clark: With this transition completed, Apache can focus on building and scaling software and their community.

GitHub’s mission is to be the home for all developers by supporting open source communities, addressing their unique needs, and helping open source projects thrive. We’re proud to have such a long standing member of open source build directly on GitHub.

JAXenter: Does the announcement that the ASF will join the GitHub community have consequences for members of the ASF community?

Bryan Clark: No – the shift brings all of GitHub tooling to these projects, and Apache continues to maintain a backup mirror on their infrastructure. With the migration complete, these projects will have a simple platform to host and review code, collaborate on projects, and build software alongside 31 million developers around the world.

JAXenter: What are the advantages of Git over Subversion?

Apache continues to maintain a backup mirror on their infrastructure.

Bryan Clark: Subversion (SVN) repositories are similar to Git repositories, but there are several differences when it comes to the architecture of your projects. Please find an overview of the differences here:

JAXenter: Are there any special tools or features planned in GitHub that are specifically designed for the Apache Software Foundation? 

Bryan Clark: We can’t reveal too much here, but what we can say is that we are collaborating in a few areas of interest to the ASF. More to come at our annual international user conference Satellite, taking place on May 23 in Berlin. Stay tuned!

JAXenter: Now that this step has been completed and the codebase of all Apache projects is available at GitHub, what are the next steps? 

Bryan Clark: Same here, stay tuned for GitHub Satellite on May 23 in Berlin.

JAXenter: Thank you very much!

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