Watch Tobias Kunze's DevOpsCon session

Controlled Chaos: Managing your Microservice Ecosystem for Business Agility

JAXenter Editorial Team

Watch CEO of Clasnostic, Tobias Kunze discuss how to manage your microservice ecosystem for business agility in this session from DevOpsCon. He focuses on the challenges that he faced and demonstrates how to manage a service landscape and take control of the ecosystem.

The pursuit of business agility has driven enterprises around the world to adopt a microservices-first strategy and to spread development across teams working in parallel.  As a result, operations, SRE and security teams are left with a continually evolving landscape of sprawling, increasingly hyperconnected services that is impossible to control.

In this talk from DevOpsCon, Tobias Kunze focus on the challenges that result from the organic, federated growth of such landscapes as well as the operational patterns such as bulkheads, backpressure and quarantines that can be applied to control their complex, emergent behaviors.

He also demonstrates how managing a service landscape requires, above all, real-time control of the entire ecosystem and illustrate why the ability to remediate at the ecosystem level is more important than the observability of individual processes.


microservicesTobias Kunze As CEO of Glasnostic, Tobias Kunze is on a mission to help enterprises manage their rapidly evolving microservice architectures. Before co-founding Glasnostic, he was the co-founder of Makara, an enterprise PaaS that became Red Hat OpenShift. Before that, he ran development and operations for Lycos Europe’s shopping arm and held various other engineering positions at startups and enterprises alike.

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