Putting the spotlight on Java tools

The ever-changing and, more importantly, ever-growing Java ecosystem keeps developers on their toes. In honor of the Java 12 release, we decided to put a spotlight on a few tools from the Java universe.

Although popularity is an important metric when choosing a tool, you might not recognize some of the names included in this JAX Magazine issue. That’s because the community and all the tools it produces play an important role in Java’s development and we need to debunk the myth that just because a certain tool is popular, that automatically means it’s suitable for every situation.

If 2019 is all about consolidating your Java skills and knowledge, you’re in luck! Open the magazine and discover some old favorites and new additions!

Happy reading!


Inside this issue

How to choose the right Java library

Kayla Matthews

Introducing Amazon Corretto for the OpenJDK

Sascha Möllering and Steffen Grunwald

Will the real Java hipsters please stand up?

Martin Patsov

DL4J – the perfect add-on for the Java stack

Marek Będkowski

15 tools Java developers can’t live without

Anders Wallgren

Don’t write code, JavaParse it!

Luca Molteni

Apache Log4j

Christian Grobmeier

The benefits of functional programming with VAVR

Daniel Dietrich

A whirlwind tour of picocli

Remko Popma

Manifold: reinventing code generators

Scott McKinney

Diffusion: real-time API management for live data

Peter Hughes

JaCoCo: the Java library for QA automation

Jonathan Fries

Espresso: The soul of modern Java web applications?

Interview with Ning Sun

“Honing your skills will make all the difference”

Profile: Nancy Wang