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GitLab 12.2 arrives with faster pipelines & design management strategy

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The monthly GitLab update has arrived, right on time and with new features and capabilities. Take a look inside and see some of the newest highlights for version 12.2. This month introduces faster, more efficient pipelines, cross project merge request dependencies, performance upgrades, a new Design Management, and a few more goodies.

The latest version of GitLab is right on time, with new updates, new features for members, and more. Welcome to version 12.2.

New to GitLab and unsure of how it stacks up against other commonly used tools? Check out the comparison between GitLab and the rest of the DevOps tools landscape to see how it has grown and how it compares to similar tools. Potentially, it could replace certain tool functionalities included in Jenkins, Docker Hub, GitHub, and more.

GitLab version 12.2 highlights

Here are some of the highlights from version 12.2:

Directed Acyclic Graphs improve pipelines

Directed Acyclic Graphics (DAG) makes complex pipelines faster, more flexible, and more efficient. It uses the new keyword needs: to define relationships between jobs in .gitlab-ci.yml.

From the documentation, the use cases for this include:

A DAG can help solve several different kinds of relationships between jobs within a CI/CD pipeline. Most typically this would cover when jobs need to fan in or out, and/or merge back together (diamond dependencies). This can happen when you’re handling multi-platform builds or complex webs of dependencies as in something like an operating system build or a complex deployment graph of independently deployable but related microservices.

Additionally, a DAG can help with general speediness of pipelines and helping to deliver fast feedback.

Read more about some of the complex future plans for this feature and the infrastructure rollout plan.

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Check out the full documentation for DAG here. Requirements and limitations of the needs: keyword available here.

Design Management

Annotations for Designs allow for closer collaboration between designers and developers via comments. This is currently an alpha feature and thus is subject to change.


Design Management page – better with cats. Source: GitLab.

From the feature overview:

Design Management allows you to upload design assets (wireframes, mockups, etc.) to GitLab issues and keep them stored in one single place, accessed by the Design Management’s page within an issue, giving product designers, product managers, and engineers a way to collaborate on designs over one single source of truth.

View the full documentation for it here.

Other improvements & changes

Some of the various improvements and changes include:

  • Cross-project Merge Request Dependencies
  • Assign groups as code owners
  • Restrict group membership by email address domain
  • Override/provide new variables when running a manual job
  • Manual drag and drop list sorting
  • “Percentage Rollout” and “User ID” available as rollout strategy for feature flags
  • Merge Requests security approval
  • Issues include embedded Prometheus metrics chart
  • Disable email notifications at the Group or Project level
  • List users who star a project
  • Deprecation alert: Remove Kubernetes service integration page in favor of instance-level cluster functionality; Internal visibility setting for new projects, groups, and snippets disabled for
  • Various performance improvements: See all performance upgrades here.

Read the full changelog for the Community Edition.

Getting started

Grab the update here and explore the new functionalities.

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Users can install GitLab with Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, packages for Raspberry Pi, or from the source.

Be aware that version 12.2 automatically upgrades PostgreSQL to version 10.7. PostgreSQL 10.7 now ships with Omnibus GitLab. However, users can opt-out of the automatic upgrade by creating  /etc/gitlab/disable-postgresql-upgrade.

Ruby users also now require Ruby 2.6 or newer, as this version includes the deprecation of Ruby 2.5 and older.

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