I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

17 gifs that truly express my feels for Angular 4

Jane Elizabeth
Anna Kendrick mind blown image via GIFY.

Listen, we’ve all been there. Angular 2 was… tolerable. But everything changed when Angular 4 was released earlier this week. Let’s work our way through the emotional rollercoaster that was this software release.

 1. Here is a visual representation of my life with Angular 2.

What the heck was wrong with <script>, I ask you? Seriously, Angular?

2. This is fine.

I love TypeScript. I love TypeScript. I love TypeScript.

3. But then I heard Angular 4 was coming out.

Oh, thank God.


4. And then we waited.

Gosh, one update every six months?


5. And waited.

Angular loves deadlines. Angular loves the whooshing noise they make as they go by.


6. It’s here!

Better late than never! But still.


7. Be cool

Everybody stay calm. EVERYBODY STAY CALM.


8. It was all so much shinier than I expected.

Absolutely magical. I am never going back.


9. Faster…

Look at how quick it is! The update time is 435% faster ( Tree Benchmark, depth 11 – gc in bytes). That’s pretty darn fast.


10. Smaller…

And it takes up less space! The latest build reduces the size of generated code for Angular components by about 60 per cent.


11. … even backward compatible!

Oh man, it works with legacy code? SUCH A GOOD IDEA, ANGULAR. (Maybe you could have used that in Angular 2? No? Okay then.)



Nothing says “I love you” like optimizing your rollout. The flattened modular versions should help with tree-shaking, reduce the size of your generated bundles, and speed up build, transpilation, and loading in the browser in certain scenarios.


13. This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Angular is like, “girl, I got you.”


14. But not everyone is excited, least of all Janice from Accounting.

There are some known issues already. Angular admitted that there will be “further improvements in the coming months”. Keep an eye on the strictNullChecks setting, since they intentionally made it incompatible with 4.0.


15. But who cares about that? Not me.

Time to party.


16.You did good, Angular.

You did good.


17. Nailed it.


Gold metals for everyone.



With love and apologies. Happy April Fools, y’all.

Jane Elizabeth
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