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Zeebe brings open source order to microservice orchestration

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Looking for an open source option designed for horizontal scalability and fault-tolerence to manage your microservices? Camunda has just launched Zeebe, a big data system orchestrator, to helping you keep track of everything and anything.

The Berlin-based Camunda has just launched Zeebe, a new open source project for microservice orchestration. Zeebe joins the growing field of microservice management tools aimed at helping developers manage the numerous processes that go hand in hand with the continuous deployment pipeline.

“Digital transformation increasingly puts pressure on companies to innovate and scale their engineering efforts,” said Jakob Freund, CEO of Camunda. “Microservice architecture, the decomposition of large monolithic systems into smaller, more manageable pieces allows companies to achieve the necessary agility.”

“Yet it remains a challenge to reliably and consistently execute mission critical transactions across these distributed systems and ensure visibility into processes. We have created Zeebe to enable businesses to leverage the benefits of microservices while staying in control of their operations.”

How does Zeebe work?

Zeebe is a big data system. It was specifically designed to seamlessly scale up as transaction volumes grow. It allows users to define orchestration flows visually using BPMN, the popular standard for Business Process Modeling.

Zeebe makes sure that all processes and flows are carried out fully, even retrying steps in cases of failures. A complete audit log records all processes so that the progress of flows can be monitored and tracked.


Essentially, Zeebe is a fully distributed system leveraging event-sourcing, append-only persistence and replication. Designed specifically to be scalable and fault-tolerant, Zeebe is a core innovation in workflow engine architecture.

Other features include:

  • Visual Workflows
  • Audit Logs and History
  • Horizontal Scalability
  • Durability & Fault Tolerance
  • Fully Message-Driven
  • Easy to operate
  • Language agnostic

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“Zeebe is a core innovation in Workflow Engine Architecture. When we started Zeebe we knew that we had to start from scratch and re-invent how an engine works to fulfill extreme requirements of scalability and fault-tolerance” says Daniel Meyer, VP Engineering.

Currently, Zeebe can be used in combination with different programming languages, but Java and Go are being developed as a priority. Zeebe is targeted for an early 2018 production-ready release.


If you’re interested, head on over to Zeebe and check out this new open source option!

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