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WildFly 9.0 CR1 announced with intelligent load balancing


The ninth major release of the Java EE server WildFly is nearing completion. Highlights include intelligent load balancing, HTTP2 and SPDY support and a new offline CLI mode.

A first release candidate of WildFly 9 has been made available for download. A major highlight is that WildFly can now be configured to act as an intelligent load balancer. The server forwards requests to the backend via WildFly nodes using HTTP, HTTP2, SPDY and mod_cluster protocols, meaning that a native web server is no longer needed.

As of this latest release WildFly’s web server supports the new HTTP2 standard. This reduces latency by simultaneously sending multiple streams over the same TCP connection. To offer further support, clients who have not yet upgraded to the new standard, SPDY will also be backed.

With the new offline CLI mode, the server can also be managed without a running server using CLI commands. The CLI embeds on the server and starts right in admin-only mode.

As always, all 86 changes, bug fixes and features, which also include a new server suspend mode and a new servlet distribution, are described in the release notes.

WildFly – the successor to GlassFish?

RedHat’s WildFly is being talked up as a prime candidate to fill the shoes of GlassFish as the leading Java EE server. In addition to the full version, WildFly 9 is to be split up into the components Core and Servlet. Wildfly Core will then be versioned separately and will also receive more frequent releases compared to the full version.

But WildFly has even more to offer. For example, the integrated webserver Undertow will act as a mod_cluster frontend. WildFly is also changing from JacORB, the Java implementation of the CORBA standard, to the JDK ORB alternative. Security improvements to the Elytron components (WildFly’s client and server security mechanism) and the expansion of subsystem options are also on the agenda.

The WildFly development team is currently lagging behind its original release schedule. It announced the delivery of the first release candidate over six months ago, on October 10, 2014. If we take previous release timing as a guide, we can expect to see the final version of WildFly ready in June.

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