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WildFly 13 Final is here and it’s baking

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The second WildFly Final release, after the initiation of the new quarterly delivery model, is here and it has quite a list of new features and improvements!

WildFly released “Backer’s Dozen”, the second Final release after the initiation of the new quarterly delivery model.

The current release achieves EE8 feature completeness, following the goal of the quarterly delivery model that is to deliver EE8 functionality in fully completed incremental chunks, as opposed to waiting for everything to finish in a big bang release.

Let’s have a quick overview of the new features, as presented in the official release notes:

In addition to the features presented above, there are a couple more items in WildFly 13 that are worth mentioning. More precisely:

  • WildFly 13 is now internally built using project Galleon, a new provisioning model for WildFly we plan to roll out in coming releases
  • Java 10 compatibility has been improved
  • A major upgrade to the WildFly administration console (HAL version 3)
  • Infinispan has been updated to 9.2
  • Hibernate ORM has been updated to 5.3 when running in EE8 mode

You can also have a look at the full list of the resolved issues here.

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Getting WildFly 13

Keep in mind that, by default, WildFly 13 launches in EE7 mode. So in order to use these new capabilities, you will have to enable EE8 preview mode. This can be accomplished by passing the ee8.preview.mode property during startup, like this:

./ -Dee8.preview.mode=true

Or, alternatively, launch the server using the new standalone-ee8.xml configuration, which simply includes the property in the config:

./ -c standalone-ee8.xml

You can download WildFly 13 Final here.

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