JAX Innovation Awards

What is the Most Innovative Java Technology?

Jessica Thornsby

There’s less than one week to vote for the Most innovative Java Technology!

There’s less than one week to vote in the JAX Innovation Awards! After a period of Community nominations, and a jury vote from a panel of Java experts, we have fifteen finalists vying for the titles of Most Innovative Java Company, Most Innovative Java Technology and Top Java Ambassador. The winners will each be awarded$2,500 in addition to being acknowledged best-in-class by peers from the entire Java Ecosystem. You have until the 21st June to vote for your favourites! But, if you need some help deciding who to vote here, here are some key quotes from the Proposals for the Most innovative Java Technology category:


Akka’s Actors are a perfect model for writing highly concurrent and scalable systems. Writing concurrent systems using traditional techniques such as locks and threads is way too hard. The Actor model provides a great alternative in which it is easier to write correct and performant highly concurrent systems that are easier to understand and reason about. No framework or toolkit in the Java space provides this.


Clojure has extended what is possible on the JVM, offering a flawless example of a true symbiotic relationship with Java and the JDK. The concurrent programming constructs, rich data structures, and vibrant community make Clojure an instant win for any individual or organization. It has slowly become the tool I always reach for in my toolbox.

Neo4j Graph Database

As part of the innovative NOSQL movement Neo4j is the only fully open sourced graph database implementation in Java. People can use it in their JVM based applications with any of the JVM languages, it’s source can be studied to learn about highly efficient NIO operations and correct concurrent and transactional request handling. Neo4j enables applications in the Java Ecosystem to leverage the powerful graph model to excel at connected data.


Project automation is one of the pillars of successful software development. The requirements of automation have increased significantly in recent years, and now go far beyond the traditional build. In order to reduce risks of failure, it is essential to reduce the cycle time between an idea and usable software. It is necessary to have feedback as early and often as possible. To achieve that Gradle provides innovative solutions for the big pain points in this area: Performance, Maintainability and Extensibility. It is one of the first major tools that allows you to model a complex domain with a modern and extensible DSL.


JRebel solved the problem that has plagued the Java industry from the start, catalyzed development of instant turnaround in various Java technologies and erased the competitive advantage enjoyed by dynamic languages.

Who is the Most innovative Java Technology? Head over to the JAX Innovation Awards website now, to register your vote! And, if you’re nominated for the award, please feel free to post the ‘Vote for us!’ button on your blog or other social media site, and let everyone know you’re in the running for Most innovative Java Technology!

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