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Weekly round-up: Google Cloud Next ’18, IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2, GoLand 2018.2 & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week was a super busy and exciting week. We had important announcements, exciting new releases, Google’s big event and many more!

Fresh out of the JetBrains oven

Pop the champagne, IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 is here! And so is GoLand 2018.2!

No rest for the JetBrains team!  The second Release Candidate of IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 was released 2 weeks ago and since last week the new major update is here.

It arrives with a lot of interesting improvements and features but the most important is probably the Java 11 support. In short,  IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 is ready for the next Java version (due to arrive in September).

GoLand 2018.2 arrives with a lot of interesting improvements and features but the most important is probably the integration with go modules (vgo) out of the box.

You can read more about these two releases here.

On the road to Angular v7

Angular v6.1.0 is finally here and, as we can see from the long list of bugfixes and features, the team has been hard at work.

This important milestone arrives with almost 70 bugfixes and 20 interesting features, including TypeScript 2.9 support.

Take a look at the complete list of features here.

Docker CE 18.06: Brace yourselves for some big changes

Docker 18.06 Community Edition (CE) is here. But don’t get too comfy yet!

As this may appear to be the big news, it’s not!

There were big changes that came to Docker CE with the 18.06 release being the last one to have a 4-month maintenance lifecycle.

As the official announcement states, these changes were driven by community feedback and they are part of an endeavor “to deliver higher quality CE releases, while also providing faster access to new features as they get added.”

Check out the details of Docker CE latest release here.

Google Cloud Next ’18: Next stop, the clouds

Last week, Google’s biggest event (so far) took place in San Fransisco and Google made sure not to send us home disappointed!

Numerous announcements were made during the first day of the event but one was sure to get our undivided attention!

Google aims to build on the nearly endless scaling capabilities of cloud by launching the Cloud Services Platform, “a set of foundational services and technologies that deliver advanced operational and management capabilities to your IT environment, in the cloud and on-premises”.

Learn more about the platform here.

GitLab 11.1 is here!

The GitLab team just never rests! And we thank them for that!

GitLab’s newest version 11.1 is out and it brings an endless list of awesome new features and major improvements!

To start things off, I should inform you that this GtiLab version is *all* about visibility.

Dedicated to promoting the ultimate collaboration experience, GitLab has built Merge Request to be a powerful collaboration tool. Sometimes, however,  the Merge Request isn’t the right view for your needs. Sometimes you just need visibility into how all current security issues are affecting a branch in aggregate. The new Security Dashboard now gives you this visibility.

But this is only one of the many goodies GitLab 11.1 brings! Take a look at the complete list of features here.

Trivial pursuit: Apache NetBeans edition

The weekly pub quiz is here again to challenge you!

In last week’s trivia, Geertjan Wielenga challenged us with a series of interesting trivia questions on Apache NetBeans! Test your knowledge here… if you dare!

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