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Weekly round-up: JAX London ’18, JAX Mag, Angular v7 rc.1, JDK 12 & more

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Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week may have been pretty chill news-wise, but we, at JAXenter, definitely did not have a chill week! In addition to the JAXmag coming out last Tuesday, we had JAX London 2018 going on and it was an absolute blast!

JAX London 2018

JAX London 2018 is over! During this amazingly rich a couple of days, we gathered a lot of knowledge and wisdom from the interesting and educational keynotes and sessions. Tips, tricks, crucial advice, important clarifications – we had it all! Check out the key takeaways from days 1 & 2 here and here.

One of the most important highlights of this year’s JAX London was the panel on cloud native Java and what it truly means for developers. During this JAX London 2018 panel, we had a very fruitful conversation with our amazing speakers Daniel Bryant, Jessica Deen, Sebastian Meyen, Steve Poole, and Martijn Verburg who offered some invaluable advice.

JAXmag is out!

JAX magazine is out and available for free download! Although a lot of people see the containers and serverless “brawl” as a war story, this is an excellent pretext for a partnership as they work best when they work together. The current JAX Magazine issue is all about serverless computing and containers – how they compete with one another and how they compliment each other. Experts discuss use cases for both technologies, and whether or not you should adopt the trend or stick with what’s been working.

JDK 12 patrol

Last week we had a few extra additions to the JEP list targeted to JDK 12 with two more JEPs joining in! What’s more, we saw the implementation of JEP 341 been pushed into jdk/jdk repository.

Follow our thread and make sure you don’t miss a single update on everything that goes down in JDL 12.

On the road to Angular v7

The release candidate phase is in full swing! However, there’s not a lot to say about rc.1 except that there aren’t any bug fixes or features. The only thing mentioned in the second release candidate is that “this version includes Ivy features and internal refactorings. There are no user-facing changes.”

We’re getting closer to the finish line, people! Make sure you follow our thread and you don’t miss a single update!

Manual on Java 11: Mini-series concluded

With the latest Java version being released, we also brought you a new mini-series. This time, we invited nine Java experts to share their best and worst experiences with Java 11, the hacks they discovered so far, their tips & tricks and more.

The series concluded last week with our experts answering one last question: How much do you care about Java 11?

Tech history 101

Now that our trivia series has come to a conclusion, we wouldn’t want you to cry over the void it left! So, we start a brand new fun and informative series to keep you company, entertain, and educate you! Here is “Know your history” — part five!

Class is in session with one of the most established technologies so far — Containers!

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