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Weekly Review: Jakarta EE 9 release plan, DevOps trends in 2020 and JDK 14 enters Rampdown Phase Two

Maika Möbus

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, the Java world was even busier than usual: JDK 14 reached another milestone and we got hold of some insider knowledge on the release plan for Jakarta EE 9. The year has just started, so we also took a look at 2020’s five DevOps trends.

Java 14: JDK 14 enters Rampdown Phase Two

Java 14 is in development, even if it’s still a few months away. Java 12 and Java 13 each came with a manageable number of new features, and thanks to the new release cadence that probably won’t change for Java 14. We’re keeping track of JDK 14 news, so what’s new? JDK 14 has entered Rampdown Phase Two.

See the latest news on JDK 14 in our update thread.

A deep dive into the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan

Christian Kaltepoth shared some of his insider knowledge from the Jakarta EE universe with a deep look at the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan. He discussed what’s going on with the documentation, specifications and schedule, and offered some insights into why certain decisions have been made. This release plan is even more ambitious than the one proposed by Oracle, and paves the way for the future of enterprise Java.

Read about the release plan here.

Red Hat & IBM stand by Google in Supreme Court case against Oracle

As the date approaches when the US Supreme Court will hear the case of Oracle v. Google, Red Hat and IBM submitted a “friend of the court” brief in support of Google last week, justifying why the decision made by the Court of Appeals should be overturned.

Get the details on the court case here.

Women in Tech: “We desperately need people who think differently in this industry”

Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Last week, we interviewed Grace Jansen, Developer Advocate at IBM. “Studies have shown that girls tend to develop an interest in STEM subjects just before the age of 11 but that this interest drops sharply when they turn 16,” was one of the interesting insights Grace shared with us.

Read our interview with Grace Jansen here.

5 DevOps trends everyone should get ready for in 2020

Are you ready for DevOps in 2020? As DevOps matures, prepare yourself for the coming decade and brush up on the top 5 DevOps trends that will become relevant in the new year and beyond. Organizations will want to stay up to date with DevSecOps, cloud-native DevOps, Google’s Golang, increasing automation possibilities, and more.

Read all about the five DevOps trends in 2020.



But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

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