SAP Demo Kit

Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit

Jessica Thornsby

A Demo Kit of SAP’s Web Dynpro programming model for developing user interfaces, is now available to download.

The Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit ships with twenty tutorials, demo applications and a portal-like shell application. These can all be ported into SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, and aim to provide an overview of the capabilities available within Web Dynpro for Java.

The Demo Kit shell offers shell functionality including search, logoff and feedback channel. Users can also change the visualization of the Demo Kit shell, and report bugs.

The Demo Kit is available in three versions: the SAP NetWeaver CE 7.11 Version, the SAP NetWeaver CE 7.20 Version and the Tomcat Version.

SAP recommend running the Demo Kit using Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8. The Kit is available from the SAP website.


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