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Web components & micro apps: Angular, React & Vue peacefully united?

JAXenter Editorial Team

Angular, React, Vue or some other framework: Which one are you going to use on your next project? The JavaScript ecosystem offers so many choices and all of them have their pros and cons for any given project, making it difficult to choose just one. But there is a solution to that: With micro apps and web components, you can use whatever works best for any single part of your project.

It’s not “React or Vue” anymore – you use React for one part of your code and Vue for another! In this keynote from iJS 2018 in Munich, Manfred Steyer explains how to peacefully unite all JavaScript frameworks.

Web development is exciting nowadays! We get new innovative technologies on a regular basis. While this is awesome it can also be overwhelming – especially when you have to maintain a product for the long term.

Web Components and Micro Apps provide a remedy for this dilemma. They allow for decomposing a big solution into small self-contained parts that can be maintained by different teams using the best technology for the requirements in question. In this keynote, you can find out how this idea helps with writing applications that can evolve over a decade and more.


Manfred Steyer is a Trainer and Consultant with a focus on Angular. He is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O’Reilly, Java Magazin, windows.developer, and Heise. He regularly speaks at conferences.



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