Janos Koppany

We decided to officially reunite HgEclipse and MercurialEclipse.

Jessica Thornsby

JAXenter speaks with co-founder and CEO at Intland Software, Janos Koppany, about the release of MercurialEclipse 1.6.0.

Version 1.6.0 of MercurialEclipse saw the Eclipse plugin reunited with HgEclipse, which was cloned from the original MercurialEclipse project. JAXenter caught up with Janos Koppany, co-founder and CEO at Intland Software, to find out what motivated the two projects to join forces……

JAXenter: You recently announced version 1.6.0 of MercurialEclipse, what are the biggest updates for this release?

Janos Koppany: This new version focuses on enhancing the plugin experience when used in massively multi-project and multi-repo environments. It features:

  • Full rewrite of multi-project support, resulting in incomparable performance and usability optimization for enterprises: Operations on huge repositories, formerly demanding 10 minutes now take just 10 seconds.
  • Full support for multiple Eclipse projects under one Mercurial root.
  • Better repository management: improved Clone Wizard, Repositories view and project repository settings.
  • Added first draft of the full-text history search, allowing easy grep for any string in the entire repository history.
  • History view usability improvements:
  1. new bisect feature.
  2. file status decorations: added / removed / changed.
  3. highlighting for merge commits.
  4. tag info for single file history.
  5. history navigation up to the root.
  6. new context menus to compare / open / replace with parent / other file versions.

For Windows users: Mercurial has been updated to the 1.4.3 version. Mercurial documentation and main pages have been integrated into the Eclipse help, enabling developers to work completely offline without ever leaving Eclipse.

As usual, various performance / usability improvements and bug fixes in all areas have been provided.

JAXenter: In this release, MercurialEclipse is brought together with HgEclipse, which was cloned from the original MercurialEclipse project. What was behind the decision to merge these two parallel projects?

Janos Koppany: Some months ago, we offered HgEclipse as an alternative to the Mercurial plugin, focusing on enterprise needs. As Mercurial users were obviously confused by these two projects in parallel we decided to officially reunite HgEclipse and MercurialEclipse by the current MercurialEclipse 1.6 release.

Thereby, our aim was to eliminate redundancy and confusion, further evangelize the use of Mercurial in Eclipse, and secure to best serve the interests of our users. So, MercurialEclipse 1.6 is now the definitive Mercurial Plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

JAXenter: You recently released codeBeamer Eclipse Studio (CBES), which integrates with MercurialEclipse. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Janos Koppany: CBES is the perfect match for MercurialEclispe, offering even more flexibility, mobility, and sophisticated task management for distributed projects. Requirements, tasks and bugs can be created and updated, then be associated with Mercurial change sets without leaving Eclipse. When working offline, CBES synchronizes with web-based data as soon as the network access is re-established.

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