“We are outsource Big Data to Oracle”: Q&A with Devops Borat

Elliot Bentley

JAXenter speaks exclusively with visionary twitter pundit @DEVOPS_BORAT on cloud downtime, outsourcing big data and (of course) devops.

Among the thousands of pundits voicing their thoughts on Twitter, @DEVOPS_BORAT has stood out with his strong views and piercing insight on startup culture and emerging technologies.

Borat has managed to attract over 30,000 followers on Twitter so far – more than Patrick Debois, who coined the term ‘devops’ – and serve as inspiration for several other developer Borats including @cloud_borat, @BigDataBorat and @AgileBorat.

We wanted to find out more about the man behind these 140-character nuggets of wisdom. And before you ask: yes, this is the real deal.

JAX: How did you get into Devops? Did you start with dev or ops?

Borat: You not get into devops, devops is get into you. Is not matter if you start by dev or ops because you are never know what devops is if you are never awake by pager at 3 in morning. Dev with not ops is as knowledge with not wisdom or as theory with not practice like we are teach in Soviet Union. Ops with not dev is also call junior sysadmin.

JAX: Can you describe an average day for you? What languages and tools do you work with?

Borat: Is not such thing as average day in devops. Every day is bring own fire which need of extinguish. Is just matter of small fire or big fire. Small fire is usual on dev side and is call bug. Big fire is usual on ops side and is call site outage. Is why is rare of find ops older of 45 years because they can never able sleep sufficient.

“Language” is strong word in devops. We are usual work with shell script in for loop. Some time we are pretend of use script language as Ruby but we not know what we do 90% of time. We prefer tool write by other devops which we usual try of install for 3 day then go on IRC and find solution in 5 minute.

JAX: A big part of Devops is continuous delivery. How often do you deploy a new build?

Borat: In startup we are force new engineer for deploy own code in first day at work. Is why we have 5 ones uptime for web site. Also continuous delivery is concept of 3-4 year ago is get old by now. In startup we have button on home page which is allow every register user for deploy latest build + patch of them own if they like. We not allow anonymous user for security purpose. We are find this method is enhance user experience and user trust in our product (we are only have 1 user so far).

JAX: How is your company adapting to the rise of smartphones and tablets?

Borat: We make bold decision of have product only available on smartphone and tablet which in real world is mean just iPhone and iPad. As result we double user base from 1 to 2 which is great success for mobile compute. Revenue is of negligible because nobody is click on ad but we are go after market share and make big just as Color.

JAX: How do you manage your Big Data? And do you have a favourite NoSQL database?

Borat: In startup we are outsource Big Data to Oracle. In return we are give them all profit from web site but we get small cut of it back plus we can able find way of make more money because of Big Data Analytic they are provide. Is good strategy, I recommend.

All NoSQL database are look very good on single server and on vendor press release but nothing is work after 6 month of real world usage. Is when you are need of hire creator of NoSQL database which fortunate is not hard because all creator already have consulting company by now. Is cost lot of money so I recommend follow same strategy as Big Data outsource.

JAX: AWS and Google App Engine have both seen high-profile outages recently, bringing sites down with them. How do you protect your systems from downtime?

Borat: In startup we are not believe in downtime. We are call it planned maintenance. As many expert on Twitter are say, cloud is offer infinite scalable and zero cost but can not able offer 100% uptime yet so we prefer use own datacenter. In actual we are use N+1 datacenter where N is current zero but we have big plan of change N to positive number in near future.

JAX: Finally, how do you see the industry changing over the next year?

Borat: My top 3 prediction for 2013 are: 1) Number of expert on Twitter is get double. 2) Cloud is able of guarantee 100% uptime with not extra of work from devops. 3) 2 out of 3 prediction from expert on Twitter are prove of wrong.

You can follow Borat on Twitter at @DEVOPS_BORAT. No, we still don’t know who’s behind the account.

Image by Greg Scales.

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