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Waratek expand to London and New York

Elliot Bentley

Cloud VM developers take to JAX London stage to announce opening of new offices and acquisition of new staff.

In a One To Watch last month, we looked at Waratek Cloud VM for Java, an Oracle-certified JVM with “attributes like multi-tenancy, like elasticity, like utility computing and control” provided by the ability to run virtual containers inside of each JVM instance.

Having announced the general release of Cloud VM at JavaOne, parent company Waratek today used their JAX London talk to break the news of their new London and New York offices, as well as two key staff acquisitions.

Martin Hand, previously in charge of VMware’s European distribution for vFabric, will be heading up the London branch as Business Development Director, while John Williams is leaving Progress Software to run Waratek’s New York office.

We caught up with Waratek CEO Brian Maccaba at JAX London, who said that the company found the reception at JavaOne to be “fantastic”, adding: “We were flat out all the way – it was crazy.”

Regarding the new recruits, Maccaba said that he hoped their expertise in related markets would help Waratek gain traction.

“Martin obviously understands a related space very well – VMware have been a hugely successful company,” he said. “I guess to some extent we view ourselves as the next generation of virtualisation.”

Williams’ focus, meanwhile, will be the “Wall Street patch”. Maccaba said that Williams’ strength comes from a background of “dealing with some of the largest, most sophisticated banks and brokers in Wall Street”.

The company initially set up shop in Dublin, Ireland, which CTO and Founder John Matthew Holt described to JAXenter last month as “the Silicon Valley of Western Europe”. However, Maccaba said today that the decision to set up further offices was driven by a need to go to where the majority of the customers are based.

“Dublin is a great place to have our R&D centre,” he said. “[But] where are the big customers? Well, London and New York are two of the main places. Obviously there are other places, but this is our first big step in terms of going to market, by having a proper presence in both cities.”

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