Apache Gain New Sponsor

WANdisco Becomes ASF Sponsor

Jessica Thornsby

“Any claims that we are at odds with the ASF should now be put to rest.”

WANdisco have announced that they are now a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

“I firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. This clearly demonstrates our commitment to open source and also our belief that the ASF is the right place for Subversion,” said CEO David Richards. WANdisco recently came under fire following a series of blogs regarding Subversion, which prompted the ASF to issue a statement clarifying that WANdisco “participates in Subversion development under the same terms as any other organization.”

The ASF were concerned that the wording of certain WANdisco blogs could lead the casual reader to the belief that WANdisco created Subversion, and that comments referring to “certain unscrupulous (Subversion) committers” could demotivate the community of Subversion contributors. Richards addressed the ASF’s concerns, in an interview with JAXenter.

“Any claims that we are at odds with the ASF should now be put to rest,” said Richards in the announcement.