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VS Code 1.43 ships with TypeScript 3.8.3 and full-sized Search Editors

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The monthly update of Visual Studio Code has arrived. VS Code 1.43 has TypeScript 3.8.3 on board, and with it all the exciting new language features such as ECMAScript private fields and top-level await. Other updates include Search Editors, draggable sash corners and more. Let’s take a closer look.

Visual Studio Code 1.43 arrived like clockwork, titled the February 2020 update. In the latest version, Microsoft’s source code editor adds new features for different areas, including the workbench, editor and languages. In addition to this, we can also catch a glimpse of some preview features.

TypeScript 3.8

VS Code 1.43 ships with TypeScript 3.8.3, so you can now use all the latest language features that found their way into last month’s TypeScript 3.8 release. The new functions include top-level await and ECMAScript private fields, which are currently still in development.

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Workbench updates

VS Code users can now view workspace search results in full-sized Search Editors. They provide syntax highlighting as well as optional lines of surrounding context, and support Go to Definition actions for navigating. Search Editors also support double-clicking to open the source location. This option can be configured via search.searchEditor.doubleClickBehaviour.

There are several options to open a new Search Editor, as you can either use the command Search Editor: Open New Search Editor, the Open New Search Editor button, or copy Search view results into the Search Editor.

Additionally, an experimental extension lets you synchronize edits in the Search Editor back to the source files. “Search Editor: Apply Changes” is available in the VS Code Marketplace.

This example shows the search results for “SearchEditor” including their surrounding context:

VS Code

Search Editor. Source: Visual Studio Code

Of course, Search Editors are not the only workbench update. Draggable sash corners, previously available for editor sashes, have been extended to work in the edges between editors in views. Microsoft demonstrates the new function in a gif.

Further workbench updates include that Visual Studio Code for macOS is now notarized by Apple and that progress notification behavior has undergone some changes.

Preview features

VS Code 1.43 includes several preview features, one of which is the option to synch VS Code settings across machines. This currently applies to settings, keyboard shortcuts, extensions and display language, and more is yet to come. See the list of proposed synch features to see what’s planned.

Plus, Timeline view, which is enabled by default for VS Code Insiders, is now available as preview feature in the stable version.

This is how a file’s Git commit history looks in Timeline view:

VS Code

Timeline view. Source: Visual Studio Code

The preview of Timeline view can be enabled via "timeline.showView": true.

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See the full release notes for further details.

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