Interview with Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign

“Employees will receive better IT & HR service thanks to AI-based virtual agents”

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Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign, talked with us about the benefits of AI-based virtual agent systems in the enterprise. How are they being used by organizations today? What are the practical benefits and the broader impact of virtual agent technology on employees and companies?

This week, PeopleReign announced that its virtual agent technology can speak 27 different languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Hindi and Hebrew. The company’s domain ontologies for IT and HR also now support nearly five million concepts. With any eye toward the future, we asked PeopleReign CEO Dan Turchin about the benefits of AI-based virtual agent systems in the enterprise. 

JAXenter: How are virtual agents being used by organizations today?

Dan Turchin: So far, IT and HR departments have been the biggest adopters. PeopleReign is used by millions of employees across industries to automate tasks like resetting passwords, provisioning access to applications, managing distribution lists, submitting PTO requests and updating tax forms.

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JAXenter: Aside from the obvious practical benefits, what is the broader impact of virtual agent technology on employees and companies?

Dan Turchin: The next billion employees will receive better IT and HR service thanks to AI-based virtual agents. Employees who receive better IT and HR support are more engaged, more productive and more likely to recommend their employers to colleagues.

The combination of better natural language processing, more accurate AI, real-time language translation and deep domain expertise are also a natural complement to modern systems of record like ServiceNow, Atlassian, Freshworks and Workday.

JAXenter: Speaking of ServiceNow, PeopleReign recently announced a partnership with Thirdera, the largest pure-play ServiceNow partner. How does this partnership help your customers?

Dan Turchin: Thirdera understands as well as anyone the importance of automating key business processes. Its recent survey on the subject highlighted numerous use cases for AI-based systems.

Aligning with the leading ServiceNow partner can only help PeopleReign deliver more value to customers faster.

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JAXenter: How do you imagine virtual agent technology being used in the future?

Dan Turchin: PeopleReign is already trained to answer about five million common IT and HR questions using natural language and is accessible through multi-channel support for chat, text, email, voice, walk-up and more.

Over time we can envision a world of work in which employees are empowered to focus on critical thinking, empathy, coaching and intuition – innately human skills – while AI automates mundane tasks.

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