XML Editor Eclipse Project

Vex Proposed as New Eclipse Mylyn Docs Project

Jessica Thornsby

A new WYSIWYM XML Editor for XML file formats, has been proposed for Eclipse.

Vex has been proposed as a new open source project under the Mylyn Docs container project. Vex will provide an WYSIWYM XML Editor for developers using XML authoring file formats, and will leverage existing XML support and frameworks from the Web Developers Tools project, particularly the WTP validation frameworks and Structure Source Editor. Vex will also provide a plug-in architecture to be used with XML files, and new CSS style sheets that can be used with existing known document formats.

It will be based on the Vex (Visual Editor for XML) project, which was donated to Eclipse in 2008 and has previously been an Eclipse Web Tools Incubator component. This initial code supports DITA and DocBook formats out of the box, and has consistent Hudson builds.

Florian Thienel, Holger Voorman and Igor Jacy Lino Campista, committers on the Web Tools Incubator Vex component; and David Carver, committer on the Web Tools Source Editing project; have been proposed as initial committers.

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