GNOME Delayed!

Version 3.0 of GNOME GNU/Linux And UNIX Desktop Delayed

Jessica Thornsby

The latest version of GNOME is delayed until March 2011, with a beta release due for this September.

The release of GNOME 3.0 has been delayed until March 2011.

According to the announcement, a stable version of GNOME will be released in September, but that will be called version 2.32. A GNOME 3 Beta will also be released in September.

The GNOME maintainers are encouraged to add a configure flag, to make their modules use GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3, or to create a gnome-2-32 branch, where the 2.32 work will take place.

The GNOME 3.0 release promises a class-inheritance plugin for easy code browsing, and faster symbol browsing.

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