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Version 2009.2.0 Of The isCOBOL IDE For Eclipse


Version 2009.2.0 of the isCOBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is now available.

isCOBOL comes with a COBOL source editor, which features COBOL syntax highlighting, compiling, and project handling, and a real-time syntax checker that validates code during the coding process. It also provides a single, portable, scalable, Eclipse-based environment for all COBOL development tasks across a range of platforms. Developers can use isCOBOL to leverage the Eclipse ecosystem and view related data sources and files, develop web services, and integrate COBOL-based programs with Java technology and other environments.

A ‘Quick Fit Assessment‘ is available from the project website, to determine whether isCOBOL is a good business fit for your organisation.

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