Version 1.7.0 Of Git Available For Download


Version 1.7.0 of the open source, distributed version control system git, is available for download. git 1.7.0 introduces some behavioural changes that will break backwards compatibility.

These changes include the automatic refusal of “git push” into a branch that is currently checked out. The “git send-email” command will no longer make deep threads by default when sending a patch series with more than two messages. In version 1.7.0, all messages will be sent as a reply to the first message. “git diff” traditionally treated various “ignore whitespace” options only as a way to filter the patch output. Now, whitespaces will be reported with zero exit status when run with –exit-code.

Recent versions of git should have flagged up warnings whenever you used features whose behaviour will change in version 1.7.0, with instructions on how to maintain the existing behaviour, if so desired.

The full release notes, can be accessed at the git website.


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