Version 1.5 of Ruby In Steel IDE For Visual Studio


SapphireSteel Software have released version 1.5 of the Ruby In Steel integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Ruby and Rails applications with Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

Ruby In Steel provides integrated edit-and-run capabilities for Ruby 1.8.x, Ruby 1.9.x and JRuby 1.4 and supports named ‘Build Configurations.’ This allows developers to pick a configuration name from a drop-down list and test the application against alternative Ruby interpreters. Version 1.5 comes complete with two integrated debuggers: the updated JCylon for JRuby 1.4 and the new Cylon debugger for Ruby 1.8.x.

Version 1.5 introduces conditional breakpoints, tracepoints, call stack navigation and a dockable context-sensitive Window of the RDOC embedded documentation generator for Ruby.

Previously registered Ruby In Steel Developer users can download version 1.5 as a free update. If you aren’t registered, a free sixty-day trial version is still available from the SapphireSteel website. Ruby In Steel Developeris priced at $199for a single license.