Watch Roland Huß speak at DevOpsCon 2018

How common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes

The way we design, develop, and run applications on cloud native platforms like Kubernetes differs significantly from the traditional approach. DevOpsCon speaker Roland Huß looks at a collection of common patterns for developing cloud native applications. After this session, you will have a solid overview of how common problems can be solved when developing cloud native applications for Kubernetes.


Full speed ahead: GraalVM 1.0-RC9 is here

The GraalVM team is hard at work! After GraalVM 1.0-RC8 was released less than a month ago, RC9 is ready to see the light of day. Let’s have a look at the most important changes in this release.

Watch that pocket gopher Go

Meet zygomys — An embedded scripting language for Go


Time for some cuteness to brighten up your Monday. This time we have a dialect of LISP that is designed as an embedded extension language for Go. Meet zynomys, the pocket gopher that will help you drive your program with minimal fuss and maximum convenience.

Plus DevOpsCon Early Bird Special

HOT or NOT: Top 5 DevOps stories so far

Guess what we have for you today! Our HOT or NOT list is here once again, this time with the 5 top DevOps stories of 2018 so far! What’s more, we have a very special DevOpsCon goodie bag for you at the end of this article!

How to keep your data protected

New vulnerability discovered in Apache Struts threatens remote code execution

Just in time for the one year anniversary of the now famous Equifax hack of 2017, security researchers have announced a new remote execution exploit in Apache Struts 2 that has developers across the world scrambling to patch lest they find themselves victim to the next headline-busting data breach.