The JavaScript conference you can’t miss

The ultimate guide to iJS 2018

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Are you ready for the International JavaScript Conference? We have the ultimate guide to what’s going down in London today and tomorrow for iJS 2018! Here’s some of the sessions you absolutely can’t miss on JavaScript, Angular, React, and more!

It’s April and conference season is in full swing! JAX DevOps and JAX Finance are just wrapping up, just in time for iJS 2018! Have you planned out your conference schedule yet? We’ve got you covered so you don’t miss a thing.

This year at IJS, we’re taking a look at everything from the most basic of JavaScript to the most sophisticated JS frameworks & environments such as Angular, React, TypeScript and NodeJS. Let’s dive right in!

Keynotes for iJS 2018

Chris Noring – Be the best you: One developer’s journey to fight the imposter syndrome

Thursday, April 12 2018
09:00 – 09:45

How can developers maintain their sanity in the face of an extremely difficult job? In this keynote session, Chris Noring goes over the different ways to become awesome, different ways to keep your sanity. Let’s explore what those are and hopefully you will feel inspired enough to look forward to that morning commute.

Kin Lane – Looking At the API Life Cycle through the Lens of A Municipal Transit System

Thursday, April 12 2018
14:45 – 15:15

As we move beyond a world of using just a handful of internal and external APIs, to a reality where we operate thousands of microservices, and depend on hundreds of 3rd party APIs, modern API infrastructure begins to look as complex as a municipal transit system. Realizing that API operations is anything but a linear life cycle, let’s begin to consider that all APIs are in transit, evolving from design to deprecation, while still also existing to move our value bits and bytes from one place to another. I would like to share with you a look at how API operations can be mapped using an API Transit map, and explored, managed, and understood through the lens of a modern, Internet enabled “transit system”.

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Sessions for iJS 2018

Joel Lord – Learning Machine Learning

Thursday, April 12 2018
10:00 – 10:45

From chatbots to your home thermostat, it seems like machine learning algorithms are everywhere nowadays. How about understanding how this works now? In this talk, you will learn about the basics of machine learning through various basic examples, without the need for a PhD or deep knowledge of assembly. At the end of this talk, you will know what the Naive Bayes classifiers, sentiment analysis and basic genetic algorithms are and how they work. You will also see how to create your own implementations in JavaScript.

Chris Noring – GraphQL – where did all my endpoints go?

Thursday, April 12 2018
11:30 – 12:15
Room A

GraphQL is new and exciting query language from Facebook. It’s a new way to query data from multiple resources that puts the consumer of the API in charge. Using it you will have happier Developers, less memory consumption and less orchestration. Come learn how this will revolutionize API development as you know it.

Katerina Skroumpelou – Angular with Maps? It’s Maptastic!

Thursday, April 12 2018
12:30 – 13:15
Room A

More and more web applications using Angular today need a kind of map, either to just display their location, or visualize their data. These data can be from points/locations of services/places/etc, or a user input, to more complex visuals like heatmaps or paths. These visualizations can easily be achieved with the Google Maps JS API. However, the integration with Angular and the use of its tools is not always straightforward. In this presentation I will show examples of how to integrate Google Maps easily into your Angular application without the use of any external libraries. Part of the presentation will also show some techniques for visualizing spatial data on these maps.

Manfred Steyer – Routing into the Sunset: Advanced Routing with Angular

Thursday, April 12 2018
16:00 – 16:45
Room C

A router is the linchpin of nearly every modern single page application. Angular comes with a new solution for this. It is offering some very interesting advanced concepts such as Child-Routes, Auxiliary Routes, Guards, Resolver and Events as well as Lazy Loading. Using an example, you will discover in this session what lies behind it all and how you can benefit from this innovative router implementation in your projects.

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