TIOBE Index for July 2018

TypeScript’s meteoric rise on the charts

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TypeScript made the TIOBE top 100 last month. This trend continues onward, as TypeScript manages a magnificent leap upwards, Java stays on top, and scripting languages like Perl continue to drop.

So, how is the summer treating our favorite programming language index? The mercury continues to rise; along with it comes TypeScript in a scorching climb. July 2018 shows that the summer heat certainly isn’t stopping one programming rise

The TIOBE Programming Community index charts the popularity of various programming languages, showing what’s in vogue among developers. It’s a lagging indicator, but it does show the breadth and diversity of the field quite well.

Here’s the TIOBE Index for July 2018.


TypeScript’s meteoric rise

Tech is guilty of an awful lot of hyperbole sometimes, especially when we’re reading off breathless corporate copy. But TypeScript’s rise in the past month is nothing short of meteoric. Last month, we reported that TypeScript managed to make the top 100 TIOBE index for the first time at #93.

This month, it ranked #50.

This wild ride might not be sustainable, but it’s certainly interesting to keep an eye on.

TypeScript’s rapid adoption might be due to Angular. TypeScript is seen as one of the sturdier and more stable supersets for JavaScript. Angular was initially built off of JavaScript, but more recent iterations have used TypeScript as a foundation. That being said, the other popular JavaScript framework, React, continues to stick with what its got.

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Other news on the programming pop charts: Objective-C has managed to scrape its way back up into the top 10. This is likely only temporary. SQL continues to hang out at number #9; I think we’ll have to remind everyone for another year that SQL rejoined the index in February 2018. That supposed growth is more of a statistical error and not actually a thing – it’s been popular for a long time.

These languages from the top 20 are on the rise: Visual Basic .NET, Swift, Ruby, Assembly, R, and MatLab. Many of these are educational or scientific languages. On the other side of the coin, C#, PHP, Delphi, Perl, Go, and Visual Basic show some negative change. As always, Java reigns supreme on the TIOBE Index.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any future changes with TypeScript.

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