Watch Joram Barrez and Paul Holmes-Higgin's JAX London 2018 session

Using transactional BPM for service orchestration on NoSQL

JAXenter Editorial Team

In this session, JAX London speakers Joram Barrez and Paul Holmes-Higgin show how we have achieved a native integration of open source BPM to MongoDB and its potential with the established relational implementations.

Transactions are still important to process management in the age of microservices orchestration in heavily regulated industries, such as banking. With ACID transactions becoming available in NoSQL, Joram Barrez and Paul Holmes-Higgin show how we have achieved a native integration of open source BPM to MongoDB. The speakers compare the potential of this with the established relational implementations, in terms of performance, scalability, and flexibility.


Joram Barrez is a Flowable core developer with many years’ experience in open-source software and of building scalable process engines. He co-founded the Activiti project (on which Flowable is based) and was a core developer for over six years. When a principal software engineer at Alfresco, he was part of the team that architected and brought the enterprise business process management offerings successfully to market. Before that he was employed by JBoss/RedHat as part of the BPM team and started his career as a Java consultant with a focus on BPM.

Paul Holmes-Higgin, Chief Product Officer at Flowable, previously co-founded Alfresco with positions as VP Engineering and Chief Product Officer. This included managing the Activiti BPM project and subsequently taking Activiti to market. Paul has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.



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