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TornadoFX: JavaFX Application Framework for Kotlin released

Michael Thomas
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TornadoFX is a new, lightweight JavaFX application framework for the Kotlin programming language aimed at Java and JavaScript platforms which wants to make exceptionally concise code a possibility.

Although, as the maker of the framework Edvin Syse writes, the interoperability between Kotlin and Java is very good and writing JavaFX applications using Kotlin is therefore a piece of cake, there is still room for more: TornadoFX uses several language features from Kotlin which makes creating even more concise code possible.

The features of the lightweight JavaFX framework include among others dependency injection, type-safe builder, asynchronous task execution, REST Client, an MVC-like programming model, as well as numerous smaller improvements to the JavaFX platform which had been prevailingly implemented using Kotlin’s extension functions to keep performance overhead as low as possible.

Since TornadoFX aims at providing a “minimal framework” with a very flat learning curve, visual components, a docking framework, special toolbars, as well as interfaces known from RCP frameworks like Eclipse RCP or NetBeans RCP had been avoided. Compatibility with libraries like ReactFX or Kovenant is, on the other hand, provided.

A sample application which should ensure a potentially quick introduction to TornadoFX is available on GitHub. The dedicated Wiki offers a comprehensive overview of the framework’s functions.


Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas studied Educational Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and has been working as a freelance author at since 2013.

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