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The top Java viral jokes

Coman Hamilton
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Do you know how other developers react when Java developers talk? Or how Oracle does math? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between coding academic Java and enterprise Java? Share a laugh with us as we reveal the most-shared gifs, code and jokes about Java programmers.

1. Java has encountered a problem with Windows

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2. The difference between coding academic Java and enterprise Java

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3. One developer’s attitude towards learning Java


4. How other developers react when Java developers talk

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5. Java vs. C#

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6. Writing Java code with a sense of humour

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7. How Oracle does math

8. Writing and running a Hello World application in Java EE

(And this is just the table of contents)

9. Sometimes it’s the small things that push you over the edge

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10. Deciding to use Java

11. Wait, that’s not Java

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12. When you’re faced with COBOL and your Java mind can’t accept it

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13. This guy must code in Java…

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