Building a mobile app can drain your finances

Top hidden costs of developing a mobile app

Mehul Rajput
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Research indicates that by the year 2018, 50 percent of smartphone users may fully rely on their mobile phones or tablets to conduct online activities. Mobile apps are gaining momentum, so developers are now actively trying to create new, trendy and innovative mobile apps.

Every known business brand now has a savvy mobile app meant to lure more customers. The mobile app development industry has grown by leaps and bounds and has become a billion dollar business. Therefore, as a mobile app developer, if you are eager to get started on your very first mobile app for your enterprise, you should be aware of all the tips and tricks, opportunities and pitfalls. Hidden costs might occur during the development stages and even after that.

Let us shed some light on the top hidden costs that you may come across while building a mobile app.

App tests

Mobile apps are tested and modified (if necessary) before they are sent into the world. The tests performed are known as alpha and beta testing, a process which is usually done by an expert. The tests are compulsory and cannot be avoided. You should be aware of the testing costs and how they can affect your budget.

App Store and Play store fees

Popular app stores do not keep your apps for free. They charge a nominal amount per year to keep your mobile app in their app stores. For example, Amazon App stores charges 99 dollars per year, while Google Play store includes one-time fees of 25 dollars to display your app. Native and hybrid apps are costly and app stores normally charge high fees for such apps.

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Native apps and diverse platforms

Novice developers have to face many hurdles due to their limited experience. A new mobile app developer for a company that has no previous experience in mobile app development needs to know some basic facts. Most mobile applications are built for multiple (two or more) platforms. Every new platform requires a different set of programming languages. For example, if you are building a native Android app, it is useless for iPhone. For iPhone you have to craft a separate iOS-friendly mobile app development. However, hybrid apps are known to work on different platforms after just a few modifications or tweaks.

Poorly developed apps

More often than not, companies assign an app development team to create a great mobile app. But sometimes these agency developers do not give 100 percent and create a poor mobile app. The issues are exposed later by user base experts. In such cases, the app is removed and the company suffers a financial loss due to its failure. Moreover, they have to make a new app with a new development team, which increases the overall costs.

Sudden app additions

Feedback from review experts or users triggers fresh app additions or changes. This is a regular feature and, as a budding developer, you should expect such changes. Then there are third party APIs and newer Android or iOS version upgrades to be followed. All these add to the final mobile app development costs.

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App security

A substantial part of the app budget should be spent on developing security features. Once the app becomes popular, you may have to deal with issues created by notorious hackers. They can exploit the user information or other vital trade secrets of the app, which can affect its functionality in an adverse way. If there is a security problem later on, you may have to consider extra consultation fees or hire expert app developers to solve the issue.

Installations and maintenance costs

Mobile app development is an ongoing process and it requires regular maintenance. You need to look into issues such as security updates, adding improved features, iOS or Android updates, bug fixes and user support links to name a few. Such timely updates and regular maintenance operations are expensive and definitely add to your mobile app development budget.

Advertising and marketing costs

If you develop a decent mobile app and put it on different app stores you naturally expect people to seek your app to download it. For that you have to develop a great marketing strategy so that users can identify and choose your app to the detriment of millions of other mobile apps. Marketing costs are exorbitant —even a simple marketing support plan can cost you at least around $5000 to $10,000 to begin with.

Building a mobile app can drain your finances. A complex app requires good security, daily maintenance and long term budgeting. A complicated app may require the services of professional programmers or app development team. A mobile app developer must take numerous factors into consideration before jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon.

Mehul Rajput
Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a prominent mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. He does blogging as a hobby and loves to write on mobile technology, mobile app development and app marketing.

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