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Top 12 cloud security threats to watch out for

Jenny Harrison
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Cloud computing has taken off in the past few years and security is more important than ever as our data goes serverless. The convenience of cloud technology also has some drawbacks. In this article, Jenny Harrison goes over 12 important cloud security threats to watch out for.

During the past decade, we have seen an unprecedented growth in the use of cloud technology. Today, technological devices are being used in schools, government institutes, business sectors, and even hospitals to store data and retrieve it instantly when desired – limiting the use of labor.

Unfortunately, the convenience of technology also brings with it some drawbacks. The primary one being vulnerability to threats and cyber-attacks. As we are well aware, data is usually stored over a cloud-based storage system. However, sensitive information and application are at a risk of threat.

Luckily, the organizations that are utilizing cloud storage systems via managed services across Atlanta or throughout the US, and the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) are doing everything they can to mitigate these risks. The CSA also encourages enterprises to take necessary steps to prevent the occurrence of security breaches.

But the first step in minimizing the risk of security threats and cybercrimes is to identify top security threats. Have a look at the infographic below to find out about some of the most prominent security threats and concerns facing businesses that are embracing the cloud-technology.

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Moving to the Cloud

For far too many in the business world, these concerns might put them off from making the switch to a cloud based server. However, the cloud offers a number of benefits to both large and small organizations.

Don’t let these concerns put you off from making the switch. Moving company data to the cloud has become a necessity and comes with a huge number of benefits to both large and small organizations. The risks can be avoided by choosing the right provider. Check out our post on the type of questions you should be asking here.

cloud security

12 Cloud Security Threats, by UTG. Originally published here.


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