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Top 10 Java stories of March: Java 12, Angular v8, why not to use Jenkins pipelines for CD & more

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It’s the first Monday of the month and that means that it is time for our monthly recap! No, no don’t worry! Although it is April Fools we will not fool you in any way! These are indeed the most clicked news and honorable mentions for March 2019, including the new Java release, Steve Burton’s article on why you should not use Jenkins pipelines for CD & many more!

Honorable mentions: New and noteworthy

Java 12 is here!
The most important news that came out last month was certainly the General Availability of Java 12! Although it is not an LTS release, it definitely brings some important features to the table. In light of the Java 12 release, we caught up with Donald Smith, Senior Director, Product Management for Java at Oracle to talk about the latest version, how the new release cadence has affected the workflow for the Java team, the new feature that he is most excited about, and more! Make sure to check out this interview here and the overview of the newest release here.

What’s new in IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1?
Last month we also welcomed the general availability of IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1! This release brings the much-anticipated support for theme customization, as well as support for Java 12 Switch Expressions, debugging inside Docker containers and more! Find out more here.

Kubernetes 1.14 arrived with tons of new features and major updates
Kubernetes’ first release for 2019 brought a lot of goodies! With 10 features moving to stable, 12 in beta, and 7 brand new, Kubernetes 1.14 is the release with the most enhancements that graduated to stable. Find out more here.

Most clicked news

1. How to implement a switch-case statement in Python

Switch-case statements are a powerful tool for control in programming. In this article, Sreeram Sceenivasan goes over you can use a switch-case statement in Python.

2. Top 5 IDEs and code editors for Python

Python has seen a resurgence in popularity as this scripting language has proven attractive for machine learning and data science. We took a look at some of the most popular IDEs and code editors for Python.

3. Don’t use Jenkins Pipelines for continuous delivery

It’s amazing how many companies have tried to execute continuous delivery using nothing but Jenkins Pipelines, and as a result, are in a world of pain. Just because you think you can use Jenkins Pipelines for continuous delivery doesn’t mean you should. Steve Burton explains why Jenkins Pipelines can be surprisingly brittle and how developers can get around this hurdle.

4. 10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder invites readers to take a look at 10 SQL tricks. The article is a summary of his extremely fast-paced, ridiculously childish-humored talk, which he has given at conferences like JAX, and Devoxx France.

5. Which programming language is the most secure?

We all have a favorite programming language for one reason or another. Either you like the syntax, the tools you can use it with, or you are just plain used to it. Does a language’s security come into play when you consider this?

report from WhiteSource examines the security vulnerabilities in popular programming languages.

6. How to convert a Java String to an Int

In this tutorial, Allice Watson explains how a String can be converted into an int data type in Java, with examples included.

7. Top 5 JavaScript IDEs

Looking for a new IDE for JavaScript? We take a look at some of the most popular options for this language, including Komodo, Atom, VS Code, and more.

8. JAXenter Masterclass

Have you heard about our Masterclass workshops? If the fact it landed on this list is any indicator, you probably have! But in case you are not already familiar with it, JAXenter Masterclass consists of four intense workshops that provide comprehensive and up-to-date know-how on advanced Java, reliability, SQL and microservice architecture.

9. On the road to Angular v8

The beta season for Angular v8 began in mid-January and we’re eager to see the final result. The 11th beta is already here but even though Angular v8.0.0 is set for general availability around May, the team put up a warning that the plan is subject to change and a fixed schedule cannot be set.

10. Top 5 IDEs for Go

Golang is going places. If you need some advice on an IDE, then we’ve got you sorted. We take a look at some of the most popular IDEs for Go.

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