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Top 10 Java stories of June: VS Code support for Java, Eclipse IDE 2019-06 & more

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Happy July everyone! It may have been terribly warm for the past days in Europe, but we have some awesome news to cool you down! Last month, we featured some amazing articles and we had a look at the most interesting news that went live. Let’s have a look!

1. JDK 13 enters Rampdown Phase One

The next phase in the JDK 13 development process is here!

JDK 13 entered Rampdown Phase One last month and that can mean only one thing – the next Java version is closer than you think!

The feature set is now frozen and according to the JDK Release Process (JEP 3), the stabilization repository is open for select bug fixes and late enhancements (with approval). Please keep in mind that if you are responsible for any of the bugs on the RDP 1 candidate-bug list you should see JEP 3 for guidance on how to handle them.

Find out more here.

2. Why use Vue.js for UI web development?

If you are looking to start a new project and you are not sure if Vue.js would be the right choice for you, Dmitry Reshetchenko offers an overview of the popular framework, its use cases, and advantages.

Check it out here.

3. Will Python overtake Java as the most used programming language?

Java and C are the most popular programming languages, however, Python continues to see amazing growth in 2019. The TIOBE Index claimed that Python might overtake Java and C as the most popular language in a few years. Is this accurate?

Check out our overview of the TIOBE Index for June here.

4. Node.js Vs Angular – An in-depth comparison

Over the past few years, JavaScript has evolved from being just a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language. In this article, Sagar Sharma compares the two most popular JavaScripts – Node.js & Angular.js – to discover the main differences between them.

Have a look here.

5. VS Code introduces a package installer for Java developers

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code remains a fan favorite for code editing. According to the results of the Stack Overflow 2019 developer survey, it is currently the most popular development environment, beating out big names like IntelliJ and Vim. When we interviewed Erich Gamma, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer back in 2016, he stated: “Our goal is quite simple: We want VS Code to become the most popular code editor”. Goal achieved!

Now, Java developers receive some favorable news as it heads down the development roadmap. On June 14th, 2019 VS Code announced a new Visual Studio Code installer for Java developers.

Read more here and see what this installer includes.

6. How big companies are using Kubernetes

Kubernetes’ increased adoption is showcased by a number of influential companies which have integrated the technology into their services. In this article, Pavan Belagatti takes a look at how some of the biggest companies of our time are successfully using Kubernetes.

Read the full article here.

7. Boost your development using Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot? For Java developers, this 101 guide explains how Spring Boot can help you, what the features do, and how do enhance your productivity. Make use of the Spring application and find out what features can encourage and simplify your development process.

Check out Ankur M. Raiyani’s article here.

8. Road to Angular v9

After following the long road towards Angular v8, it successfully launched on May 28, 2019, with new features, changes, and improvements galore. Now, we embark on a new journey: towards Angular v9!

Let’s follow our thread for the latest changes and additions here.

9. GitLab 12.0 brings DevSecOps in a single application

The latest version of GitLab is out! GitLab 12.0, however, is not just another monthly update. With this release, Gitlab takes a key step towards an inclusive approach to DevSecOps. DevSecOps in a single application with the addition of Visual Review Tools, project dependency list, and Merge Trains.

Find out more here.

10. Eclipse IDE 2019-06 is now available

The latest release for the Eclipse IDE arrived on June 19. Welcome to version 4.12! What’s new and noteworthy in the current release? This build includes new features for Java developers, plug-in developers, and new APIs in the Platform and Equinox.

Check out all the updates here.

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