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Top 10 Java stories of July

JAXenter Editorial Team
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Ah, summer. The sun is hot, the days are long, and the Java ecosystem keeps on spinning. What did we read last month? Well, it turns out we all really liked stories about the upcoming release of Java 9, machine learning for fun and profit, and the latest updates on Angular.

1. On the road to Angular 5: 4.3 is here

No surprise here. We’re all desperate to find out what’s in store for us with the upcoming release of Angular 5, no matter how far off it might be. Plus, at this year’s ng-conf we found out that version 5 will have three themes: simplicity, speed and size and smooth updates. We’re getting there slowly but surely: after the release of 4.2, it’s time for 4.3 to shine.

2. No swan song for Java: 11 influencers weigh in on its reputation, rivals and adoption

This is part one of our interview series with several top Java influencers. Here, we find out what’s cooking in the Java world. Java 9 is coming in September, Jigsaw has finally its approval and our Java influencers are offering us some valuable insight into the future of this programming languages. In this 3-part interview series, we shed some light on where Java is headed to and what language is a worthy opponent.

3. Top 9 improvements and features in Java 9

Java 9 is coming soon. Are you ready for all the new features this release will bring? In this article, Denis Danov goes over the top changes to this essential ecosystem, including the new module system, changes in the language and syntax, and more.

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4. Top 5 open-source tools for machine learning

This article is a continuation of our ongoing fascination with machine learning. After all, these days it seems that tech companies can’t hire their AI or ML specialists fast enough. So if you’re looking to upgrade your skillset or just fiddle around with a cool new tool, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 picks for the best open-source tools for machine learning.

5. Report: IDEs are among the most loved tools but developers want a ‘jack of all trades’ tool

Almost 5.000 developers and tech professionals across the world responded to Packt’s third annual Skill Up survey to share their thoughts on the latest tech tools and trends, and how they work and learn.

According to Packt’s third annual Skill Up survey, IDEs are among the most loved tools, there’s a container revolution happening and Docker is leading the way and Python remains consistently popular across job roles.

6. Java performance tutorial – How fast are the Java 8 streams?

This one is from a while back, but it’s still as fresh as ever. Here, Angelika Langer answers the most important question for anyone using Java streams: are they really faster?  A common expectation is that parallel execution of stream operations is faster than sequential execution with only a single thread. Is it true? Do streams improve performance?

7. Codota: Using AI to make our code better

Coding in Java? Codota makes it even easier with an AI pair programmer designed to help you write code without having to check other references online. Does this mean one day robots will take over our developer jobs? Maybe, but not quite yet.

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8. Java 9 misconceptions & Java 10 wish list: A tell-it-all interview with Java influencers

Part 3 of our interview series with top Java influencers hits number 8 on our charts. Why? Well, everyone is still talking about Java 9. While Java 9’s due date is coming, there are still some things we need to understand before its arrival. In the last part of our interview series, Java influencers bust some Java 9 misconceptions and reveal what they’d like to see in Java 10.

9. VertxUI: Java as a front-end language

Why waste time on learning new language features and lots of frameworks, taking the risk that you’re learning tools that won’t ever be updated again? There is a language that can run anywhere too, except directly in a browser. What if Java could directly run in a browser? In this article, Niels Gorisse, a senior full-stack Java developer, presents the benefits of VertxUI.

10. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 is here: Discover its love for Java 9 and the wealth of new features

Rounding out our top 10 list is IntelliJ! IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 is finally here. This massive update for IntelliJ IDEA contains an abundance of features and important bugfixes. There’s Kotlin 1.1.3 support, Groovy 2.5.0 support, smarter coding assistance, Java 9 module diagrams and more.

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