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Top 10 Java stories of January: DevOps, Java & IT skills predictions for 2020, Microsoft Blazor and more

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We are still getting used to writing 2020, and suddenly it’s February—which means it’s time for our monthly recap once again. In January, we looked back at what happened in 2019 and made some predictions for the new year, from the most popular programming languages to relevant IT skills and DevOps. Here are our top 10 most clicked articles of the month.

In January, predictions about what may happen in the world of Java, DevOps and IT in 2020 made it into the top 10 stories of the month, along with Microsoft Blazor, a new typeface that is easy on the eyes and an updated Java unit testing framework.

But before you dive into all these exciting topics, we are looking forward to hearing your opinion on which technologies are relevant for you in 2020 in our annual JAXenter survey.

C wins Programming Language of the Year award for 2019

The most popular programming languages are always of burning interest, so January’s most clicked news is no surprise. Last month, the first update of the year from the TIOBE Index arrived with new rankings of the top programming languages. This update announced the winner of the “Programming Language of the Year” award. Congratulations C! Thanks to its usage in embedded devices and the Internet of Things, C won the award and entered the hall of fame for 2019.

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Microsoft Blazor to become mainstream in 2020

Last month’s second most exciting topic was Microsoft Blazor, an open source framework for creating web apps made up of web UI components using C# and HTML. It takes design inspiration from JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. In 2020, Microsoft Blazor is likely to become more commonly used, especially with web developers coming from a JavaScript and WebAssembly background.

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2020 IT skills: what we learned from 213,782 coding tests

The IT job sector is growing and with its growth comes a higher demand for programmers. What skills and programming languages should you focus on? Data from over 213,000 coding tests revealed some IT skills hiring trends to look for in 2020. See what DevSkillers’ data reveals about recent IT trends from 49 different countries.

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5 DevOps trends everyone should get ready for in 2020

Are you ready for DevOps in 2020? As DevOps matures, prepare yourself for the coming decade and brush up on the top 5 DevOps trends that will become relevant in the new year and beyond. Organizations will want to stay up to date with DevSecOps, cloud-native DevOps, Google’s Golang, increasing automation possibilities, and more.

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Java retrospective #5 – what will change the Java world in 2020?

Our 5th Java retrospective comes in at place 5. As 2019 drew to a close, we got in touch with some prominent members of the Java community to gather their thoughts on the events of the last year. In this five part series, we looked at what they had to say. In the fifth and final part, we asked what they thought will change the Java world in 2020.

Read the 5th Java retrospective here, and take a look at the other parts of the series here.

JUnit 5.6 release brings new features for Java unit testing

The latest version of JUnit arrived in January. The Java unit testing framework had performance improvements, new features and minor bug fixes on board in v5.6, but breaking changes were added as well. We took a closer look at what has changed for JUnit’s three modules.

Read about JUnit 5.6 here.

Best fonts for programming: JetBrains Mono typeface is easy on the eyes

What typeface do you program with? JetBrains released a new open source typeface that is designed with coding in mind. JetBrains Mono aims to minimize eye strain, improve code readability, reduce noise, and balance whitespace with ligatures. Besides its practical usage, it’s also just plain beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We showed what it looks like and how to add it to your IDE.

Read more about JetBrains Mono here.

What 2020 will bring for software development

The Chief Executive Officer at Docker, Scott Johnston, had some predictions about what 2020 will bring for software development. According to him, three big development trends will likely surface. He shared his thoughts on how to gain the upper hand and learn how to go container-first before 2022, when it is expected that more than 75% of global organizations will run containerized apps.

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Node.js is Dead – Long live Deno!

Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, created by Ryan Dahl – the original creator of Node.js. The project is intended to fix design problems in Node.js described in Dahl’s famous talk “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”. We talked to Krzysztof Piechowicz (adesso AG) about the differences between Node.js and Deno. In the iJS video, Piechowicz goes into the topic in more detail and shows what is possible with Deno.

Read the interview with Krzysztof Piechowicz here.

Red Hat & IBM stand by Google in Supreme Court case against Oracle

As the date approaches when the US Supreme Court will hear the case of Oracle v. Google, Red Hat and IBM have submitted a “friend of the court” brief in support of Google, justifying why the decision made by the Court of Appeals should be overturned.

Read all about the court case here.

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