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Things to consider before going into web development

Amit Jat
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We normally don’t offer beginners’ guide for aspiring developers but this time around we are making an exception! Amit Jat has a set of extremely useful guidelines to follow before going into web development.

The web development process is such an important task that it can not be completed in one day. It can always be considered as an endless effort that progresses with time and energy. Much concentration and work are needed. Once you start developing your website, you should understand and plan some things before you start the first phase.

Every point mentioned below is of equal importance, so you should be able to remember each one of them while you plan to start web development process or hire web developer. Most people are poorly conceptualized in this process and try to look at it only after they have completed the development of the website.

But if you keep these points in mind before you start the process, you will surely have a website that will help you succeed on your way. Learning Web development is usually a very important and lengthy task for all companies, and for a commercial website to succeed, you must follow these points.

I. Domain Name

One of the basic things to start with web development is choosing a name that people can easily and easily remember. With it, you pick astutely and properly, regardless of whether you utilize or something different.

II. Hosting Provider

The speed and operation of your website will depend on the hosting service you choose. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose a reliable hosting service provider and determine the capacity you need, and therefore choose the one that best suits your needs.

III. The latest technology

Always remember to use the latest web development technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, and more. Today, all web development companies use the best and newest technology.

IV. Color and Design

A bold color is always the best option for your website. As it is said that colors affect the feel of your website, it is best to choose the best color for your website. Visitors always prefer a clean and clean design. And do not forget the header and the footer. It has to be attractive, but at the same time simple and not too bright.

V. Have a Clear Goal

Once the web development process has begun, you need to have a clear and precise idea of it. Knowing your goal means knowing your purpose and your love. Along with this, one should even ask this question of what is the need for a website for your business, business, e-commerce or anything else. In this way, you can gradually build a relevant and relevant website for your business.

VI. Sitemap 

Create a clear Sitemap at the beginning of your development so that once you start the website development process, you will not have much of a question mark and your time will not be lost.

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VII. Use of Content

Make sure that your site provides interesting and informative content to users who visit your site. When choosing the content, even try to target certain keywords to get a high rank in the search engines to complete your SEO work. The type of content such as voice, video, image, etc. The option you choose directly affects the speed of your website, ie the speed of the website.

VIII. Use of Advertising

Do not push and try to avoid too much advertising on your site. Place only one ad if needed.

IX. Pop-Up

Prevents the use of pop-up messages. This could be one of the main reasons for slow loading and could even become the most irritating way of advertising because users can not even shut them down.

X. Design

When it comes to design, everything you need is attractive. A good website should always be simple and professional.


Amit Jat

Amit Jat is an experienced programmer having spent nearly 4 years at the back-end of a multinational firm. Specializes in Java, SQL, Python, C++. Always open to learning new things!

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Rashika Jain
Rashika Jain
3 years ago

Hi amit,

Web development is a vast field. You need a solid understanding of the stream you are going to be a part of. I’ve seen many people starting their career as web developers and then leaving the IT just because they didn’t get it . So make your research strong and then move ahead.