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The trendy five: Creative GitHub repos bring May 2020 flowers

Sarah Schlothauer
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It’s that time of the month again, time to browse the GitHub trending page and pick the best, coolest, or most impressive open source projects for the month. In May 2020 we saw a 3D JavaScript library, augmented reality cut and paste, and more.

Every month, we go over the GitHub trending page for any cool repos that stand out from the crowd. We choose five of the most innovative, interesting, and well-thought-out projects to highlight in our monthly report. As always, it was tough to narrow down the list of GitHub repos to our five favorites.

So, in no particular order, here are our top picks from May, 2020.

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Grafana helps you visualize, explore, query, and understand your metrics and is currently one of the most used dashboarding tools with over 500,000 active installs.

One of the keys to its success is that Grafana isn’t tied to any single database and its focus on visualization. You can mix different data sources (there are currently over 60 supported data sources) in the same graph.

Catch up with what’s new with Grafana in our interview with Tom Wilkie, VP Product at Grafana Labs. Version 7.0 Beta is now available. Before you download, check out the preview in your browser.

AR Cut & Paste

This is an experimental prototype that allows users to cut elements from their surroundings and then paste them into an image editing software (currently, only Photoshop is supported).

The demos are stunning and show off some impressive augmented reality tricks that opens up a new realm of creative potential.

Play around with the app, currently in early access mode, and available for Android and iOS.



Rich features. Source.

Bring beautiful, colorful text directly to your terminal. Rich is a Python library that renders up to 16.7 million colors to your script or application.

It can also render tables, diagrams, traceback, syntax highlighted source code, and more. Better yet, it works with Jupyter notebooks, so you can bring those millions of colors to your data science projects.

Of course, it also includes emoji support (with new Windows Terminal). Time to add the cowboy emoji to your terminal. 🤠

GitHub CLI


Creating a pull request in the terminal with GitHub CLI. Source.

Currently in Beta, GitHub CLI is GitHub in your command line, right in your terminal. Create a pull request, view the status of your work, and more, right from your terminal.

While hub used to be the unofficial CLI tool, this is the new official version to use.

Read more about it on the GitHub developer blog and check out the documentation for a list of features and how to use them. Since it is in beta mode, GitHub is requesting feedback on this feature before it is rolled out to everyone.

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Create and animate 3D models with three.js, a 3D JavaScript library.

From the README on GitHub:

The aim of the project is to create an easy to use, lightweight, 3D library with a default WebGL renderer. The library also provides Canvas 2D, SVG and CSS3D renderers in the examples.

See some examples of 3D objects created with this library here. View cloth animations, advanced clipping, texture, effects, text, and geometric models. Browse the documentation and learn how to make your own scene, create VR objects, and more.

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