Microservices questions

The speed of microservices – why code is business

JAX Editorial Team
James Lewis (right) speaks to Sebastian Meyen (left) from the JAX team

Microservices advocate James Lewis tells us why IT systems will always be built the way the organisations are, and why large organisations are feeling the pain of not adopting new IT approaches.

“It’s about churn,” says James Lewis, Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. The number of companies staying in the top 100 in NASDAQ or the FTSE 100 in London is growing smaller and smaller. “And at the heart of that is what we do as software developers.”

The promise of microservices is to be faster than our competitors: “deploy faster, scale faster, be more robust,” as Lewis told his keynote audience at the DevOpsCon in Berlin. But how exactly? And how does ‘Conway’s Law’ fit into the mess?

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