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The speed of microservices – how I learned to love Conway’s Law

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Go faster than your competitors. That’s the promise of microservices. But many microservice-oriented teams still face problems with end-to-end testing, independent deployment and service versioning. So how do we make microservices keep its promise?

Deploy faster, scale faster, be more robust – by now, we all know the advantages of microservices. It’s all about outcomes, and the way your organisation is structured has a tremendous impact on those outcomes. It’s easy to say “Conway’s Law” and then move swiftly on.

“But but but, but how?” In early 2014, James Lewis and Martin Fowler called out “Organised around business capabilities“ as a core characteristic of microservices. This was based on feedback from successful teams around the world about how important this aspect was on the systems they were building.

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In this talk, shot at the DevOpsCon in Berlin, James explores some of these structures and provides some practical guidance on what he and Martin meant when they said “business capability”.

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