The JAX Innovation Awards 2012


The JAX Innovation Awards is an award ceremony that celebrates the culture of innovation that exemplifies the Java ecosystem.

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that this year’s JAX Innovation Awards are open for nominations. This year the awards will coincide with the JAXconf on July 9th in San Francisco, CA. On that day when the entire community come and celebrate the culture of innovation that exemplifies the Java ecosystem, whether it will be in person at the JAX event or simply through your commitment to the awards through nominating and voting.

For those of you aren’t aware of the JAX Innovation Awards here is the rundown on what it is all about.

Our mission is a simple one; we want to reward those technologies, companies, organisations and individuals that make outstanding contributions to Java, but to do that we need you. The JAX Innovation Awards are not something that any one company or small collection of individuals can conduct. To reflect the entire Java ecosystem, we need a collective, collaborative effort from across the globe.

You nominate the individuals, companies and technologies who you think deserve recognition. We then ask a panel of independent experts to create a shortlist of 5 finalists in each category. Then it’s back to the community to have the final say.

So what are the categories? One of the reasons why the JAX Innovation Awards are successful is because we don’t over complicate it. Rather than having a long winded ceremony, we have just four categories:

  • Most innovative Java technology
  • Most innovative Java company
  • Top Java Ambassador
  • Special Jury award

Over a two week period, the jury will decide on the shortlist, but that is not their only task. The panel will award a special Jury award to one of the submitted nominees, in acknowledgement of their unique contribution and positive impact on the Java ecosystem, which will also be announced at the ceremony on July 9th.

So far we have already agreed on 7 Java experts to sit on the jury, with one or two more to be confirmed soon. At the moment we have:

  • Eberhard Wolff, the Architecture and Technology Manager for the German based company, adessoAG.
  • Tim Berglund, a full-stack software generalist and passionate teacher who loves to code, presenting, and working with people.
  • Martijn Verburg, CTO for jClarity with over 10 years experience as a Java/JVM technology professional and OSS mentor. He also co-leads the London Java Community (LJC).
  • Fabiane Bizinella Nardon, a computer scientist who is passionate about creating software that will positively change the world we live in. She is the founder and coordinator of SouJava.
  • Jevgeni Kabanov, the founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround, a development tools company that focuses on productivity.
  • James Governor, the Principal Analyst and co-founder of RedMonk
  • Sebastian Meyen, chief content officer at S&S Media and conference chair of the JAX series.

To be acknowledged as best-in-class by peers from the entire Java ecosystem and by a panel of Java experts, it really is an honour. If having that crown wasn’t enough, we also give $2,500 to each winner.

Get your opinion heard; voice it in the JAX Innovation Awards 2012. Nominations are open until May 7th and will then reopen on May 28th for the community voting on the decided shortlist.

For information or to submit a nomination, both can be found at . Follow JAXconf on Twitter for the JAX Innovation Awards updates @JAXconf

You can also find JAXconf on Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn

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