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The first JAX Magazine of 2014 is here!

JAXenter Editorial Team

Complete with GitHub, Apache Twill… Java worms…and more. All free, and ready to download today.

First of all, a very warm welcome to the very first JAX Magazine of 2014! This year, we can expect the Java resurgence to carry on apace – especially with Java 8 (at long last) just around the corner – and we cannot to hear what you all have to say about the finished product this spring. Elsewhere in the amorphous, fuzzy area we at JAX fondly like to think of as the ‘Javasphere and all the floaty intertwined bits relevant to Java and JVM devs,’ there’s also plenty happening. You’re certainly going to be hearing a lot more about reactive programming this year. In fact, according to Typesafe’s Jamie Allen, the programming model defined in the Reactive Manifesto will be the key software development paradigm of the year. In the big data space, the ongoing trickle to NoSQL will likely continue, much to the chagrin of traditional relational database leaders. There’s definitely something of an ongoing paradigm shift in terms of how people are thinking about how the store their information – with one study showing that graph databases are gaining popularity faster than any other category in the field. NoSQL providers have made steady inroads in preparing markets around the world, especially in Europe, for this new movement in data storage. And, with companies expected to collect more data than they could ever analyze in 2014, the time is right for a revolution. Finally, expect to waves of IoT hype continue to build. Malware has already trumped rancid milk as the thing we least want to find in our fridges this year – and that’s just the start. Everyone is scrambling to climb on the bandwagon at the moment, and, for now, a slice of the M2M pie is everyone’s for the taking. But enough of this vague, crystal ball gazing. As ever, we’ve got a host of dev friendly, insightful features lined up for you. Andreas Neumann and Terence Yim have put together an expert guide to developing Distributed Applications with Apache Twill, and Steve Millidge will be showing us how to wrangle cache semantics into submission. We’ve also got a chat with GitHub trainer Brent Beer, and JAX Editor Elliot goes tunnelling for small worms in big data.

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