Continuous Integration tutorial

“Testing Infrastructure as Code” – Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Puppet

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Nigel Harniman and Steven Thwaits at the DevOpsCon (© S&S Media)

Continuous integration techniques are useful not only for project development, but also for software infrastructures. In this video tutorial, we find out how to improve infrastructure quality, reproducibility and speed with an infrastructure-as-code approach.

You’re likely using Puppet to manage your infrastructure today. Your development team talk about “Continuous Integration” as a means to ensure quality, repeatability, speed and visibility, so why not apply this to your “Infrastructure as Code”?

In this video session shot at the DevOpsCon, Nigel Harniman and Steven Thwaites (CloudBees) discuss what CI is, why you should apply it to infrastructure and the challenges you need to solve. The speakers demonstrate a typical design pattern using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to implement a CI pipeline and extend it to Continuous Delivery across your environments to ensure consistency and repeatability.

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