The craze is back...sort of

Test-driven deployment meets Tamagotchi in TDGotchi

Chris Mayer

We thought we were shot of you Tamagotchi – but this Eclipse plugin for test driven deployment is kind of cool

Ah Tamagotchi – the 90s toy from hell that you thought had been consigned to the archives of childhood crazes. You were either addicted, mollycoddling your prized virtual pet every hour of the day, or loathed it, buying one just to see how much you could neglect it. It brought mostly the worst out of a generation.

We’d assumed that Tamagotchis were dead and buried in every single form. Not so, with this reboot of sorts from TDGotchi – the test-driven deployment spin on the cute companion.

Rather than feeding and giving your creature tender loving care, TDGotchi relies upon tests and refactoring when it is hungry. If your test goes from red to green, TDGotchi is happy, but if you fail twice, TDGotchi gets upset. However, refactor, rename then inline, TDGotchi is pleased once again.

The more you score, the quicker your new pet evolves from beginner to pro. Be careful though, the more failures you occur, the more likely it is your TDGotchi becomes a zombie.

Created by Sebastian Hermida, TDGotchi, is an Eclipse plugin that requires Eclipse Helios (3.6) or higher to run. You can find the project on Github. Although it’s been around for more than a year, only in the last few days have developers started talking about it in droves – sort of like the Tamagotchi back in the mid-90s.

Whilst it’s hardly going to radicalise TDD practices, it’s a neat little concept that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We just like it for putting a new spin on things, even if it is a toy that should remain in the past. Speaking of which, what do Bandai, creator of the original Tamagotchi have to say about the possibly infringing name for it?

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