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Tasktop Enterprise 1.8 Released and JVMTI 1.2.1 Spec Proposed

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, beta of Confluence InPlace Editor 0.9.1 aims to address Confluence’s lack of ‘sectional’ editing.

JVMTI 1.2.1 Spec Proposed

Version 1.2.1 of the JVMTI specification has been proposed, to be implemented by HotSpot in JDK 7 with a new GetThisObject() method. This method would be part of the ‘Local Variable’ set, and would improve the filtering of JDI events when events are raised in the context of a native method. The method would use a new slot in the function pointer table, meaning that the JVMTI 2.1 would be backwards-compatible with version 1.1.

Tasktop Enterprise 1.8 – A First for Eclipse-Based Developer Tooling

Tasktop Enterprise 1.8 has been announced. This is reportedly the first commercial and full-featured release of Eclipse based developer tooling for accessing HP Quality Centre, HP ALM, and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. It also introduces support for IBM Rational Team Concert 3.0. Tasktop Enterprise subscription is priced at $199 per user, per year, a package which includes support.

Beta of Confluence InPlace Editor 0.9.1

A beta of Confluence InPlace Editor 0.9.1 has been announced. This plugin aims to solve the problem with Confluence’s lack of ‘sectional’ editing. This initial release comes with functionality for editing any section divided by headers, and can save the page without requiring the page to be reloaded. The plugin can also be enabled for specified spaces, with no preparation of the pages necessary.

Connect Apache Web Server to MySQL Clusters with Mod_ndb

Version 1.1 of the Mod_ndb Apache module, has been announced. Mod_ndb provides a Web Services API for MySQL Cluster by forging a direct connection between an Apache Web server and the NDB data nodes in a MySQL Cluster. Users can then query and modify a database over HTTP, using requests such as POST, GET and DELETE. The module is also scriptable, thanks to Apache’s subrequest API. With this release, users can build the module for Apache 2 without apxs from Apache 1.3. Support for the server side of the JSON request proposal and rests with multiple TEXT or BLOB columns in a result, has been added. A new multithreaded performance test has also been added.

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